“It was a reach from one train to another.” The report of the CDMX authorities on the crash on Line 3 of the Metro

the morning of this Saturday January 7 there was a train crash in the line 3 of CDMX subway. The testimonies are very strong and the balance up to now indicates that there were 59 injured, at least 4 people were trapped and unfortunately one person died.

Report of train crash on Line 3 of the CDMX Metro
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What Harfuch said about the train crash on Line 3

Authorities have released little information so far. Officials like Omar Garcia HarfuchSecretary of Security CDMXindicated the following:

The cause is being determined by Metro personnel, and also by experts from the Prosecutor’s Office to determine what happened. The entire train was evacuated, most of the people left on their own feet. There are 10 injured, four people are pressed and there is a deceased person“.

Report of train crash on Line 3 of the CDMX Metro
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For now, harfuch did not want to speculate and will wait for the Prosecutor’s Office and staff of the Subway determine the cause, but it is known that it was about the reach of one train to another.

“In a few more moments we will have identified the person. We do not want to speculate on the cause, he is already doing his job Subway and the Prosecutor’s Office itself. The experts will be able to tell us what happened.”

Omar García Harfuch confirmed the transfer of 5 people to hospitals after the train crash on the Subway Line 3. Fortunately it ensures that none serious, but confirmed the death of a person.

Own harfuch released the list of people injured, treated and transferred so far.

Claudia Sheinbaum’s report

For his part, Claudia Sheinbaum He updated that information through his Twitter account.

indicated that 16 people were taken to hospitals (a figure that later increased to 59), all the people arrested were rescued, and confirmed the death of a person.

Report of train crash on Line 3 of the CDMX Metro

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