“It’s hard, they play the same every 3 days and those who come back are not ready. On the reds and Osimhen … “

The Napoli coach, Luciano Spalletti, in the post-match of the Coppa Italia match against Fiorentina he spoke to the microphone of Mediaset: “We weren’t so good and we weren’t able to manage the game well in numerical superiority, we weren’t good at managing it while Fiorentina managed it quite well and then found the advantage in one episode.

On the two expulsions: “I have reviewed them, but I don’t want to go into them because it becomes difficult. Lozano tries to remove his foot, it is a light stomp. Sometimes I don’t understand if Fabian’s first admonition and Duncan’s entry have the same value. But we could play the game and we were outnumbered. The first responsibility is ours.

On the positive notes: “There aren’t any, all quite complicated in terms of management. They are the same players who played three days ago, whoever entered was stopped for ten days. In three days we will play with many of these, it is a moment where many games overlap and there are no players. If it were possible to have fresh forces against Bologna, you would get out of those complications that having played 12th minutes, many outnumbered, brings you.

About Osimhen: “He will come with us on Monday, we need to carefully evaluate what may be its correct use and the possibility that it may be in condition”.

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