“It’s not fair to die like this”

BELLUNO – “We want and expect to know the truth, because it is not right to die like this.” Barbara Vanz And Paolo Bristot are the parents of Davide, the 18 year old from Sedico died at his home the night between 13 and 14 July 2021 after being visited at the Belluno Emergency Department for a severe headache and vomiting. In a long and painful letter they retrace the last days of their son’s life and the subsequent investigations, almost archived and now reopened for new investigations. The bitter truth, which has recently emerged, is that a blood test would have been enough (perhaps) to save his life. But there is another reason why Barbara and Paolo have decided to come out in the open: “We want to clarify some important aspects of our very sad story by denying and putting an end to many completely misleading rumors of people who are not only not aware of the facts, but she has also allowed herself to disclose the causes of our son’s death on social networks “.


During the investigations, coordinated by prosecutor Simone Marconit was ascertained that the emergency room doctor who had visited David that day had a conduct of “gross negligence due to imprudence and negligence “. It is one of the fundamental passages of the report drawn up by the coroner Antonello Cirnelli. In another point we read that it is “elementary knowledge for any health professional that an alteration of the hydroelectrolytic parameters can cause death due to sudden arrhythmia”. The blood sample, taken from the boy that day by the emergency room nurse, has never been examined. “We were told – Davide’s parents tell us – that the blood test would have allowed the simple verification of the missing values ​​(sodium, potassium, magnesium). Davide was a young, healthy, fit boy. A more accurate examination and, in fact, a simple blood test could easily have suggested the correct diagnosis, also in relation to the other evident symptoms he was experiencing, such as headache and vomiting. At that point, a simple administration of the deficient substances could have saved his life ». The conclusions of the medico-legal report ordered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office are clear: “The performance of the doctor who visited him in the emergency room is made without a diagnosis, and even before that, the attestation of a correct, scrupulous and complete methodological process to reach the diagnosis ». The boy entered the hospital unable to stand up and was discharged that he was swaying, so much so that he needed someone to help him walk.


Could more have been done? According to the S.the: «The doctor has not identified the problem and the associated risks; at the same time, nothing has worked, in a complete and decisive way, to make this happen. The doctor failed to check the boy’s blood chemistry (despite knowing – add Barbara and Paolo – that Davide had not hydrated during and after the beach volleyball match) then delegating to others the execution of further checks (neurological examination) without advancing, for its part, the slightest diagnostic ». These conclusions prompted Davide’s parents to read up a lot on the subject and to carry out medical examinations to bring out any family predisposition. “The answers have always been very precise and unambiguous – they add – to save our beloved Davide, only a little extra attention would have been enough, a simple blood test on the test tube with the sample that they carried out but which, unfortunately, was practically thrown away. immediately”. The hope remains that the new investigations requested by the investigating judge can bring out the truth that Davide’s parents are desperately looking for: “We do not have the skills or the presumption to judge anyone, but our belief is that Davide would have been saved with little extra attention. . The Prosecutor will do his duty, unfortunately we are left with the only certainty that, since that evening, we have not seen Davide’s smile again … ».

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