“I’ve been at home, making music”

Danna Paola He used his social networks to deny rumors of an emergency hospitalization for COVID-19, commenting that he is fine and creating new music.

Danna Paola

Dana Paola | Source: Diffusion

Danna Paola is a well-known 26-year-old Mexican singer, actress and model.has achieved some recognition in the music industry with songs that have become the most played within the top streaming charts in Mexico, such as his single Notoriety.

He has also had a career in the acting field with participation in series such as Dare to dream or his participation in animated films such as Tangled; but recently she is better known for being part of the cast of the Netflix series Elitewith which he became recognized worldwide.

Danna Paola moves her fans by publishing images of her childhood

Recently Danna Paola notified that she had tested positive for COVID-19, but without giving many details about it, so that over time strong rumors emerged that the singer and actress was not in good health.

Danna Paola ends the rumors of her hospitalization for complications from COVID-19

After the news of Danna Paola, the magazine Tv Notas published the news that the singer was in poor health, her parents had to manage her account and leave her hospitalized due to low oxygen saturation and very low body weight. cause of worry and illness; alleging that the relatives had not wanted to make the facts known because he was involved with several of Danna’s projects.

They also commented that what had made her worse was that Danna Paola had recently lost her grandmother to COVID-19, making her process even more difficult. However, Danna Paola used her social network stories to deny the news, clarifying that she is only quarantined at home, taking the opportunity to work a little on her music and rest a lot.

I am very thankful that you said that I was in the hospital and that my parents took me to the hospital, when my mom and sister were in Cancun (…) I have been at home, making music (…) and this is quarantine, friends . The truth is very vintage, but recovery is a lot of patienceDanna Paola commented.

He commented a little to his followers about what his day has been and that he is slowly recovering, where he can already smell a little and has recovered his taste for certain types of food.

I have slept a lot, yes, everything that I had not slept, I have slept deliciously. I lost my taste and smell, they forgot to put that in the note, but I’m getting it back. I already know the coffee, I already smell my perfume. I’m going to do this burnt orange trick that I saw on TikTok (…) to see if I recover it 100%narrates Danna Paola.

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