Jack Black is Thor! Robert Downey Jr .: “Chris Hems-who?”


Jack Black posts a funny new video on Instagram in which he plays Thor in his own way. Comments from Hollywood celebrities are raining.

There is someone who spends his free time channeling his creativity without a specific purpose other than that of pure becoming, his own and that of others. Jack Black is one of these, an entertainment warrior who fights boredom with ideas, with irony and with a good friend of the videomaker named Taylor Stephens. The actor posted on his Instagram profile a new funny video in which he plays none other than Thor, the God of Thunder that we know well to be perfectly embodied by Chris Hemsworth, sparking the reaction of many Hollywood colleagues and friends who enjoyed themselves as much as we did. Below is a selection of the famous comments to the video by Jack Black:

  • Robert Downey Jr. “Chris Hems-who?”
  • Kevin Bacon “Wow. This is Covid creativity”
  • Finn Wolfhard “Let’s make this happen!”
  • Colin Hanks “Fantastic”
  • Karl Urban “I’m in! Keep my money”

Among the approximately 650,000 likes, 11 hours after the post, there are also those of Tom Holland, James McAvoy, Jennifer Aniston, and Sharon Stone. Of course, if Chris Hemsworth’s comment arrives, we won’t be long in updating this pure entertainment article. Below the video of the superhero Jack Black we all need.


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