Jack Nicholson, when he broke down Marlon Brando’s house


Jack Nicholson is an extraordinary actor, he will be among the protagonists of the film Shining by Stanley Kubrick aired in prime time on Italia 1.

Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson (Getty Images)

There are many stories related to Jack’s private life always considered one of the best performers in the history of cinema and a much loved man. His life has been an inspiration for many also because he has shown himself to be a character of a very high moral caliber and able to send, both in and out of his films, always important examples and messages that have paved the way for numerous reflections. The extraordinary roles he played certainly allowed him to become very well known but also empathetic with his characters. But today we want to tell you another story related to him.

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Jack Nicholson, that broken down house

Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick (Getty Images)

Not everyone knows that Jack Nicholson for years he has been a neighbor of another great of cinema, Marlon Brando. The two have lived side by side for decades, many years in which they had the opportunity to confront and tell each other very interesting situations related to their world, that of cinema. On the death of the colleague Jack bought his house, however, manifesting the will to tear it down. It was obviously not a choice to destroy a myth and it was Nicholson himself who explained what happened.

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The house stood along Mulholland Drive, the road that moves along the hills of Los Angeles, the home of cinema. It is said that Brando lived there as a recluse because he did not have the money to renovate it. At the time of purchase Nicholson realized that the situation was much worse than he had noticed before with the mold that had damaged entire wooden structures. The water came in from the roof and the walls were literally collapsing. So that Jack was forced to knock it down. He therefore decided to enlarge his garden and cover the area where Marlon lived with the lotus flowers so dear to him. He told the Times that this was the only way to go. And to think that the villa had been bought for five million dollars with the desire to honor the death of what was a great friend.

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