Jacky Bracamontes causes a stir by showing herself without filters and without a drop of makeup

She is the queen of red carpets, events and star television programs, but she is also the queen of her home, of her intimacy and of family moments.

One more time, Jacky Bracamontes He opened the doors of his privacy to share with his public a very personal moment, the one in which there is not so much glamour, neither cameras nor sequins. And so, with a clean face and shortly before undergoing her transformation to go to another of her commitments, the happy mother was seen as is.

He did it through a fun post on Instagram in which he shows the before and after of putting himself in the hands of the best. Without complexes and with all the naturalness in the world, Jacky had no problem showing how she looks at home.

Instagram Jacky Bracamontes Jacky Bracamontes in The Hot Table

Jacky Bracamontes in The Hot Table/Instagram Jacky Bracamontes

While many, the majority, applauded her beauty and simplicity, there were those who also highlighted how different she looked without a drop of makeup on her face. “What makeup does”, “That’s why they say there are no ugly women”, “It’s another”, some wrote.

Others thanked him for showing himself as he is, natural and without much adornment. “Goddess”, “Super beautiful”, “More beautiful, impossible”, “I like you more naturally, without makeup”, they expressed.

The truth is that Jacky caused a sensation again and made his followers laugh with his occurrences in this new reel. “My dear Laura Barcelo and I playing and laughing a little,” she commented.


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