Jada Pinkett Smith admits dependency on explicit content

Almost a month after the controversy generated by the slap that the actor Will Smith tipped comedian Chris Rock, in the most recent delivery of the Oscars, the wife of the famous, Jada Pinkett Smith He was once again the target of attention, which is why Internet users relived various episodes of his life.

Over the years, the famous Jada, who was mocked by Chris Rock for having alopecia, She has made many strong revelations on her family show Red Table Talk, one of them confessing that she never wanted to marry Will Smith and that she only did so because she was pregnant with her first child.

However, that was not all, since actress, producer, director, singer, songwriter and businesswoman She also confessed in one episode that she was a compulsive consumer of illicit and health-damaging substances, as well as explicit adult content.

Jada Pinkett Smith had a rough life

In accordance with Jada Pinkett Smith, prior to marrying Will Smith, lived a complicated moment, because he consumed many intoxicating substances and was compulsively intimate which led her to want to stop and practice abstinence, which ended up worsening her situation.

“What I was doing was unhealthy, I had a relationship with pornography that was not good for me, I had consumed it up to five times a day. I wanted to practice abstinence and that me led me to establish an unhealthy relationship with what I looked at, I felt empty”, said at the time the actress of ‘Matrix‘.

In addition, he was honest about the talk he had with his youngest daughter, Willow, when she turned 11Well, according to her, they had a very serious conversation about the danger of viewing certain types of adult content and how much it can affect the mind.

“We are very open in our family, we like to put all the points on the table”, explained Jada, who has always tried to encourage good communication, no matter how painful or sensitive the topics are.

Jada Pinkett Smith had a rough life

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