Jairo González company is not authorized

The Superintendency of Banks clarified the status of Jairo González

Harvest Trading Capthe company dedicated to the stock market and cryptocurrencies, whose president is Jairo González, is not registered, authorized or regulated by the Superintendence of Banks of the Dominican Republic.

This was stated in a statement from the governing body for banks in the country, after the complaint published by this newspaper that reports that González, whom some call “the shepherd of cryptocurrencies”, supposedly owes more than 25 million dollars in much of the national territory.

The Superintendency reiterated the call to the public that the entities that are regulated are available in the section Stock Market Registry on its website, so that the public can consult which are those institutions that are legalized.

It is recalled that several days ago more than 50 people denounced the Harvest Trading Cap company before the Attorney General’s Office for alleged fraud that, among those complainants alone, represents more than 100 million pesos.

One of the reasons why González has not been able to pay is because his bank accounts have been frozen, according to what the company informed the complainants.

What does Jairo say?

Jairo Gonzalez.

On its side, the company issued its position and explained that “what has started legally must end legally.” And González speaks personally, in a video that he posted on his YouTube account for his investors, in which he alleged that for more than four years in different financial areas things were changing.

“A lot of circumstances have happened, there are things that have gotten out of our hands and therefore our duty is to apologize to everyone if in any process it has not been successful for you. I want you to know that even if you don’t feel me, day after day we continue to work together with our team on the relevant solutions to fulfill the purpose that is to bless lives and build dreams,” González began with his message.

In that order, the president of Harvest Trading Cap, whose demands from his investors he called “concerns”will be answered legally, since last year the entity was unable to carry out its scheduled projects, which degenerated into losses that have had an impact on its clients who deposited their money in the company.

“We have been delayed in complying with certain processes. I remember that from June to here, from last year, everything started quite strong, since we couldn’t even launch the ecosystem because the crypto (coins) went down too much and it was very difficult to launch a project when the trend was down. This does not mean that we as a company are not going to comply with the commitments that have been pending in Harvest Trading Cap,” said González, who asked his clients for time to exhaust the corresponding legal process, through a law firm that has been seized of the case.

González stressed that, like previous years, the company’s tendency has been to comply “without fail” to its clients.

Who is Jairo Gonzalez?

Despite the fact that the president of Harvest Trading Cap has been shown in the media and at different national and international events for more than a year, his profile on his official website is deactivated.

However, an investigation by this newspaper reveals that Jairo Joel González Durán, the full name of the president of Harvest Trading Cap and a native of Loma de Cabrera, prior to being an Uber taxi driver, grew up in the Iglesia de Dios Central in Los Alcarrizos and rubbed shoulders with with an important sector of the Christian musical sphere.

According to one of his descriptions, Jairo specialized in business and created his company seven years ago.

Jairo has traveled to different parts of the world with his business school, teaching young people how to invest in cryptocurrencies and other financial schemes.

In his Linkedin profile, Jairo says that in 2020 as CEO, he developed the Harvest Coin project, under a complete Blockchain ecosystem that includes Ico, Exchange, Wallet, NFT Marketplace, Token and Broker.

We created Harvest Coin with the vision of developing a token with a self-sustaining ecosystem that projects universal usability, which will mark the future of the world economy in the short, medium, and long term.

Paradoxically, in April 2022, Jairo denounced in the press people who use pyramid schemes and who hide behind trading “to scam.”

“While Ponzi and pyramid schemes are based on marketing, using media noise and the popularity of some business model to offer benefits or education through payments. The dark side of the coin comes when instead of focusing on the education they offer you, they encourage you to convince people to join this business model through you in exchange for a percentage benefit»Gonzalez said.

Another Butter?

It is recalled that the most recent case on the alleged Ponzi scheme is that of Wilkin García Peguero, better known as Mantequilla, president of the company 3.14 Inversiones, and who is now in prison awaiting trial for alleged fraud, whose victims It would be about 600 people.

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