James Rodriguez memories of Brazil vs Colombia in the 2014 World Cup | Colombia selection

James Rodriguez has returned to the ‘streams’ through Twitter to converse with his followers. Last Wednesday she shared with Hector Fabio Amaralthe prop of the Colombia selection.

Among the multiple topics touched on, the memory of the World Cup 2014a contest in which the Tricolor, hand in hand with the creative from Cucuta, signed the best participation in its history.

They began by talking about that invalidated goal against Mario Yepes against Brazil which, for them, could have been one of the most important goals in the history of Colombian football. “It would have been the pass to the semis”, assured the ’10’.

Amaral immediately said that that day at Arena Castelão de Fortaleza “yes or yes Colombia lost”, taking into account the location and the favoritism of the rival. James agreed with him and added, “that day they put a lot of hands on us”.

They precisely recalled the rough play of the five-time world champions and the permissiveness of the Spanish referee Carlos Velasco Carballo. “That day they gave me a lot”, Rodríguez Rubio sentenced while Amaral stated that Fernandinho “fucked up” both the current Al-Rayyan player and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado.

Regarding the controversial performance of Velasco Carballo, the 30-year-old midfielder referred to one of the plays that unbalanced the key: “In the foul I do for David Luiz’s goal. I didn’t touch the ball, I stick my foot out and the referee gives me a yellow card… He can’t be so cheeky”.

To finish, James revealed that when they were about to face the duel with Canarinha, the same Brazilian fans asked them to beat their team because of the nonconformity there was. “They didn’t want them… it was a political issue”, he concluded.

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