Japan donates 17 million dollars to Cuba to improve electricity generation

Japan donated 17 million dollars to Cuba, in order to improve the electrical situation on the Isle of Youth.

This Thursday an agreement was signed in Havana between the Electric Union of Cuba (UNE), Energoimport, Nishizawa Limited and Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation for “the acquisition of a fast discharge battery system that works as frequency regulators in parks photovoltaic or wind, which, together with an Energy Management System (SGE), will contribute to stabilizing the electricity supply in the aforementioned Cuban territory. This was reported by the official agency Prensa Latina (PL).

For the purchase of the aforementioned batteries, the Japan International Cooperation Agency will provide the Cuban government with “non-reimbursable financial assistance, estimated at 2,392 million yen (about 17.5 million dollars),” reported PL.

According to statements by Amaury Mena, investment director of the UNE, all the conditions have been created to receive and install Japanese technology. The official said that the contract “opens the final stage for the execution and materialization of the Project to Improve the Supply of Electric Power on the Isle of Youth, whose idea arose in 2017 as part of a Technical Cooperation agreement between the governments of Cuba. and Japan”.

For Mena, “this is the first experience in this type of facility that we are going to have in the country, which will serve as the basis for introducing it on the main island as well.”

Electrical system in serious trouble

The continuous breakages and problems of the national electrical system make evident its frank deterioration. In recent months, it has been common for something to happen that causes blackouts. During the last weeks these have been particularly frequent.

According to the authorities, most of the problems are caused by the aging of the equipment and the lack of resources for the necessary maintenance.

The UNE indicated that the fall of the USSR more than twenty years ago, the use of poor-quality Cuban oil, and the sanctions imposed by the United States are responsible for the deterioration of the national electrical system.

The Isle of Youth does not escape this situation. Although isolated from the national electricity system, and therefore oblivious to the continual breakage of the thermoelectric plants on the larger island, there, too, the deterioration of the entire system is considerable. Recently, a schedule of blackouts due to various breakages was announced.

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