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It has been a while since we have had any news about it The Wolfman with Ryan Gosling. recently, however, the manufacturer Jason Blum offered a little update on the project.

In a new interview with Collider Blum revealed that the film is still in development:

We are working on the script, we need to get the script right. Working to get a script where Gosling feels good, comfortable and enthusiastic about it.

The latest news on the project saw Leigh Whannell direct.

In the same interview Blum also revealed that a third film by Wishes for your death is not deceased:

I have a plan. Let’s put it this way. I will not say goodbye to Wishes on your death.

Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo, authors of Orange is the New Black, they took care of the script based on a treatment of Gosling.

The Wolfman will be the second major film in the “new” iteration of the Universal Monsters. In 2017 with The Mummy a blockbuster approach called Dark Universe was attempted, but after the flop it was decided to proceed with individual films starting with The Invisible Man, which grossed 124 million dollars (pandemic included) against a budget of 7. Paul Feig’s Dark Army, Dexter Fletcher’s Renfield, Elizabeth Banks’ Invisible Woman, Matt Stawski’s The Monster Mash and Karyn Kusama’s Dracula are now in development.

The most recent film dedicated to Wolfman is from 2010, directed by Joe Johnston with Benicio del Toro as the iconic monster.

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