Jason Momoa goes to the hospital after an accident filming Fast and Furious

A few weeks ago It was reported that the filming of the next installment of Fast and furious, call The Fast X, had already started, which excited the fans. The creators of the production indicated that this film will serve to start the final stretch of the story that began in the year 2001.

For this film, which will be released in 2023, new characters were included, one of them is Jason Momoa, who will he be villain main and is known thanks to his role in the series Game of Thrones or for being Aquaman in the DC Comics cinematic universe. Oscar winner Brie Larson will also be there.

But the alarms went off when the 42 year old actor He suffered an accident during the recordings, for which he was taken to the hospital for emergency care. Although the production house has not given details of his current state, the star shared through his social networks the first image of his treatment.

What happened to Jason Momoa?

The actor hit in the head after falling from a motorcycle while driving on one of the main streets of Rome, Italy. All this happened during the filming of the tenth installment of ‘Fast and Furious’, as reported by himself in an interview for the medium ET

Momoa shared this news through his official Instagram account, where he uploaded an image with the text: “You have to break some eggs to make an (egg) omelette. Hello J. Very thankful for my ohana (family) and my friends.” In the photograph he appears lying on a scanner MRI waiting for an MRI to be done. tomography.

It was reported that the actor He does not like to work with stunt doubles, since he doesn’t like them doing his “dirty work” for him. That’s why he always does all the risk taking. For this reason, throughout his career he has suffered several injuries.

neither the company Universal Pictures nor the Hawaiian actor have given more information about his current state of health, so it is unknown if he has already returned to filming normally or is taking a short break to recuperate.

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