Javier Aguirre is confident of fighting relegation in La Liga

The RCD Majorca who directs the mexican Javier Aguirre is in danger of descending The Spanish Leaguebecause with two rounds to go he is 2 points from position 17 in the classification, which occupies the Cadiz, team that will face real Madrid this Sunday on a day where all the games will be played at the same time.

For its part, Mallorca will face Rayo Vallecano, so Javier Aguirre appeared at a press conference prior to the match against Madrid and acknowledged that his team has had “ups and downs” since he took over as coach two months ago, but has insisted that they are “alive” to fight for permanence this Sunday against Rayo Vallecano in Palma and on the last day against Osasuna, in Pamplona.

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“Unfortunately we don’t depend on ourselves, we arrived with the water up to our necks, but what we do we have to do well and hope that luck is with us”, said Aguirre at the press conference prior to Rayo’s visit to Son Moix.

“Tomorrow we cannot repeat the unfortunate match, especially in the second half, that we played against Granada (Mallorca fell by a landslide: 2-6),” he specified.

“We must be mentally at our best, because this is a final, the first at home after the last home game that was unfortunate. And I think we are all aware, starting with me, that we owe that to the fans, to give another image, although later whatever happens happens. Hopefully things will come together and we’ll get to the last game alive”, analyzed Aguirre.

The Mexican coach also referred to the Cádiz game, a direct rival to avoid relegation, which will host Real Madrid as the brand-new champion of the Santander League and could go to Nuevo Mirandilla with many substitutes.

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“Something similar already happened to me with Leganés and we tied 2-2 (with that result the ‘pepinero’ team led by Aguirre was relegated to Segunda in the 2019-2020 season). All the teams have large squads to rotate and each one prepares the matches as they want. Some have met their objectives and perhaps play without pressure and others do not, like us. I cannot, under any circumstances, speak or think badly about anyone. I know that all the matches are going to be played intensely and that the best will win”, he explained.

Aguirre also warned that Rayo will be a difficult rival: “They have been with the same ‘mister’ for two years, the same base of players. It is a team that plays football very well. If we are not in a good position with Rayo, we are going to suffer because it is a rival that takes the ball away from you, treats it well. If you are not well, it can make you a broken one”.

The Mallorcan coach, finally, referred to the mental and physical state with which his players will face the first of the two finals that lie ahead.

“The team is very involved in the match, with a lot of desire, not with the anxiety that it could in the match against Granada. We have worked very well during the week and I will go out with the eleven players that I have seen better to play against Rayo”, stated Javier Aguirre.

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