Javier Lozano, Vicente Fox, Marko Cortés and Felipe Calderón reacted to the capture of Ovidio Guzmán

Politicians reacted to the capture of Ovidio Guzmán (GettyImages)
Politicians reacted to the capture of Ovidio Guzmán (GettyImages)

Derived from the recent recapture of the son of shorty Guzman, Ovid Guzmanalias The mousemultiple characters belonging to the political world have reacted to the situation that broke out in the state of Sinaloa after the arrest of its alleged leader.

One of them was the president of the National Action Party (BREAD), Marko Corteswho mentioned that the unfortunate situation that is being experienced in Sinaloa is due to the “peace” policy that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), has tried to implement without any success.

What is happening in Sinaloa is the result of the policy of hugs not bullets from @lopezobrador_”, he indicated on his personal Twitter account. He also recalled that four years ago the president would have released The mouseencouraging criminals to unleash chaos: “In 2019, he ordered the release of Ovidio Guzmánopening the way for criminals to attack the population”.

Marko attacked AMLO (Photo: Twitter/@MarkoCortes)
Marko attacked AMLO (Photo: Twitter/@MarkoCortes)

In addition, he pointed out that the capture of one of the most important criminals occurred in unusual circumstances “what a coincidence that days after @JoeBiden arrives in the country, they recapture him”.

In his official statement it was possible to read that Marko described Ovidio’s arrest as suspicious, since he considered that the Mexican government only acted in this way to be able to “look good” with the president of the United States in the framework of his visit to Mexico.

He stressed that in the Mexican territory there is a wave of violence that to date has exceeded 140,000 intentional homicides in the course of the current six-year term: “We reiterate our demand that the president take necessary actions to overcome the crisis of violence and insecurity.”

Another of the politicians who joined the criticism was the panista javier lozanowho mentioned that what is happening in Sinaloa is about terrorismHe even cited an article from the Federal Penal Code to support his argument.

According to the quote used, it is Chapter VI entitled Terrorism, article 139: “A prison sentence of fifteen to forty years and a fine of four hundred to one thousand two hundred days will be imposed, without prejudice to the corresponding penalties for other crimes.” .

Some doubt that what is happening in Sinaloa is terrorism? This arranges the Federal penal code. But with that thing that rusty is not rusty but rather rust-colored, who knows what the government geniuses think. Waters with the US”, in addition to referring to the same situation pointed out by Marko, that is, Biden’s visit to Mexican lands.

He also attacked the secretary Luis Sandoval, stressing that the arrest was the result of hard work over six months, pointing out that they would have acted in accordance with the law and that force was used after a direct attack. “’Six months of work…’, Simon! Why do you insist on treating us like we’re dicks?” Lozano tweeted.

In turn, the former president of Mexico, vincent fox, he launched himself against AMLOsince he said that while in Sinaloa an abysmal chaos develops, the president is calm in the city. “Terror in Sinaloa due to shootings and drug blockades TERROR, PANIC, FEAR…… AND LOPEZ? WELL THANK YOU IN YOUR PALACE !! ”, he published in his personal account.

Another former president joined the criticism and tried to Felipe Calderonwho mentioned the following: “Beyond the motivations and specific circumstances associated with today’s detention, Actions aimed at restoring the battered rule of law must be supported. My appreciation to the Armed Forces, @SEDENAmx, @SEMAR_mx for the successful completion of such a delicate operation”, agreeing with the points of his other political colleagues.


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