JC Chávez and his life of excess: madness, overdose and beaten VIDEO

Julio Cesar Chavez He has won his toughest battle so far: against addictions. The grand champion has never denied that he had a strong fall in the world of drug addiction, which he has confessed was a real hell for the terrible person he became, because he didn’t care about hurting his family in order to continue immersed in that dark world.

Even during an interview he gave a few months ago with Yordi Rosado, detailed what those days of addictions were likein which he only cared about alcohol and drugs.

“I woke up with my beer and my clamalo. In Culiacán they gave me kilos of cocaine, I did not need to buy. I used a lot. It started with beer, then tequila, whiskey, and cognac. It was crazy. That’s how they were every day, I lasted up to 4 or 5 days without sleeping.

In the early morning I would go for an hour run, just as I walked. He arrived all bathed in sweat and as if I hadn’t taken, and again and againthat’s how they were every day”, he began to recount JC Chavez.

The madness

The Caesar of Boxingwhich is nearing 13 years of sobrietyexplained that when he was in his most critical situation of drug addictions, I used to lose my mindto the degree that he used to tie up and beat people who visited him at his house and that I saw him under the influence of drugs.

Then people came to visit me at home, to take pictures with me and I locked them upI wouldn’t let them out so they could continue the party with me, it was crazy.

I tied them up, I didn’t let them out so they wouldn’t speak ill of methey came to take pictures with me, to meet me, because they came from all over the world, but already in my loquera I thought that they wanted to betray me, so I tied them up, beat themit was a real madness, a hell”.

Chavez explained that after subduing their ‘guests’ finally it was their workers who freed them: “The next day they woke up tied up, my workers (they untied them)since it lowered a little I let them go, “he added.


And like everything, excesses have consequencesso the excessive consumption of cocaine led at the time to Julio Cesar Chavez to the hospital, but even then he did not learn the lessons, as he himself recounts.

“Several times I went to the hospital (due to an overdose), I was about to die several times. The day I vomited three liters of blood, I was in the hospital and they cauterized me, but later I sent for cocaine my workers to the hospital. It was too much, I was lostJC acknowledged.

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