Jennifer Coolidge is, by far, the best of ‘Exploding Wedding’ (sorry, J-Lo)

In just over an hour and a half, the film makes use of all the imaginable clichés of romantic comedies and, of course, action films. But there is a surprise that we did not count on: Jennifer Coolidge. The funniest person on television in recent years plays here Carol, Tom’s mother and a foul-mouthed and reckless woman who is always on the verge of causing a catastrophe among the hostages. Leaving aside the fact that Coolidge and Duhamel are barely a decade apart in age (that malpractice Hollywood seems reluctant to abandon), the role of the mother of the groom is hilarious, unexpectedly, and refreshing, for the simple fact that it is Jennifer Coolidge who carries it out. At a sweet moment in her career, the veteran embarks on this adventure and she seems, once again, to be having a blast, just as she has in every one of her on-screen appearances.

an explosive wedding it bears many similarities with two other recent releases. The lost City it pushed Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum to the limit in a movie that was reminiscent of the adventures of the best 80s. trip to paradise it returned us to a Julia Roberts and a George Clooney in a state of grace in another romantic comedy, now as parents of the real protagonists. Hollywood recovers the formula that has triumphed for three decades and it also does so with the latest story starring Jennifer Lopez, whose marry methe previous romantic comedy and another show vehicle for her, could not reach the levels of fun that it reaches with the latter. Great stars plus not at all complicated plots result in a whole series of films with which to ensure a good timesomething tremendously necessary in these times.

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