Jennifer Lawrence celebrates 30 years for the first time as a wife


Qhen in 2008 Jennifer Lawrence, then eighteen, won the Mastroianni Prize at the Venice Exhibition for The Burning Plain – The border of loneliness he could not imagine how prosperous his cinematic future would be. Not even her wildest dreams would have turned her into the idol of teenagers (thanks to the character of Katniss Everdeen in the saga Hunger Games). OR in the most requested and paid actress in the world. In addition to the winner of a Oscar and three Golden Globe in a very short time (between 2011 and 2016).

Reality has gone beyond the imagination. And to think that Jennifer is barely 30 (she turns 30 today).

Jennifer Lawrence

In “Hunger Games”.

Jennifer Lawrence and acting in the blood

Since the age of 14 Jennifer has a fixed nail: the acting. He disrupts family plans by convincing his parents to move to New York to pursue his dream. Take part in some TV series like Cold Case And Medium, the opportunity to become passes under her nose Beautiful Swan in the saga of Twilight (later collected by Kristen Stewart) and to achieve notoriety. Party postponed for a few years. Until the audition to interpret Katniss, the protagonist of another saga that has left its mark on the big screen (Hunger Games).

They will be The Burning Plain before and two years later A cold winter (2010) to turn the spotlight on the future rising star. He also notices it the Academy than for the part of Ree Dolly (A cold winter) the candidate for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Making her the third youngest performer in the history of Oscar to receive the nomination. The praise comes from all over, critics and audiences.

Testimonal of the new Dior fragrance, Joy.

Fame with Hunger Games And X-Men

In 2011 comes the proposal that will change Jennife’s lifer: playing the female lead of Hunger Games, the film saga from beyond 3 billion dollars at the box office. Based on the literary best-seller by Suzanne Collins. The actress becomes the idol of teenagers, her own Katniss a feminist heroine. The arrows shot from his bow hit the hearts of millions of fans and they become a symbol of female strength and rebellion.

Katniss she is the leader of a revolt in the name of freedom that starts from below against the excessive power and tyranny of President Snow (Donald Sutherland). But in reality the Lawrence is the progenitor of a fight against discrimination against women to Hollywood, you pay much less than your male colleagues. The quadrilogy of Hunger Games (2012-15) gave her fame and in 2016 the actress reached the top of the ranking of the highest paid performers in the world. It also becomes a point of reference for the fan base of the X- Men. In fact, she is the one who plays the shapeshifter in four feature films about the most famous mutants in cinema Mystica, in its young version.

The Oscar with Bright side

The statuette arrives between one chapter and another of the saga of Hunger Games thanks to the director and friend David O. Russel who wants her in the role of the widow Tiffany Bright side, alongside Bradley Cooper. Russell also calls her to join the team of American Hustle (2013) with Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Robert De Niro, while two years later to play the real-life character of Joy Mangano in the namesake Joy. Lawrence still hits the mark: two Oscar nominations.

Jennifer Lawrence

Best Actress in a Leading Role for “The Positive Side”.

Cooke Maroney and the film with Sorrentino

Over the past three years, the actress has given us performances that are not really to be framed. Mother! by Darren Aronofsky (his former flame), Red Sparrow And X-Men- Dark Phoenix I’m not the best. More than for her films, Lawrence has been talked about for the momentary stop from the sets. And for the marriage with the gallery owner Cooke Maroney. After just 10 months of engagement. At Rhode Island Castle they attended, among the 150 guests, even friends Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone, Adele And Amy Schumer. What do we expect in the near future from the actress, and now wife, in her thirties?

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A sci-fi comedy is coming Don’t Look Up by Adam McKay, on Netflix, in which he will wear the clothes of the partner of an unrecognized astronomer who discovers an asteroid approaching Earth. The two will do everything to warn the American population. We also can’t wait to enjoy “Jen “ in the next made in USA project by Paolo Sorrentino by title Mob Girl. Will interpret Arlyne Brickman, a Jewish woman who becomes the backbone of the New York underworld. But things change when she is raped and beaten by her “comrades”. Then she’ll turn into a police informant. The film is based on the book by Teresa Carpenter, winner of the Pulitzer, Mob Girl: A Woman’s Life In The Underworld.



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