Jennifer Lawrence confirms if she had an affair with Liam Hemsworth


Does Miley Cyrus aim against the protagonist of The Hunger Games? This is the detail in the Flowers video clip that sparked fan inquiry.

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth starred in the hit The Hunger Games.
© GettyJennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth starred in the hit The Hunger Games.

Since Miley Cyrus He launched Flowers, the artist’s fans managed to unravel each of the clues that the former Disney star left in her song. And it is that, with a clear dedication to Liam Hemsworth, exposed his feelings about self-love after a breakup. Apparently, she could make a clear reference to an affair that her ex-husband would have had with Jennifer Lawrence. Did it happen or are they just rumors?

The latest single from Miley Cyrus, which anticipates her next album titled Endless Summer Vacation, has endless phrases that point to Liam Hemsworth. “We built a house and watched it burn down”, is one of the lines that the singer pronounces about the home they shared in Malibu and that was destroyed by the California fires in 2018. But not everything is so literal.

Some followers of Miley Cyrus recognized that in the video clip the singer wears a gold dress, very similar to the one Jennifer Lawrence wore at the presentation of The Hunger Games. In that film saga, the interpreter gave life to Katniss Everdeen, while Hemsworth played Gale Hawthorne. Back then, they faced rumors that something could happen between them.

The film had its premiere in 2012, the year in which Miley and Liam had become engaged after their reconciliation. At that time, the press pointed out that the actor would have been unfaithful with the protagonist of his last film. And although for years the subject seemed forgotten, that detail in the wardrobe of Flowers revived the scandal.

+ Was Jennifer Lawrence with Liam Hemsworth?

In an interview with Andy Cohen in 2015, Jennifer Lawrence explained: “Liam and I grew up together. He is very sexy”. When the presenter asked him what was true in the rumors that they had kissed off camera, he replied: “What would you have done?”. between laughs, confessed that he did have a moment with Hemsworth beyond fiction.

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