Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck honeymoon in Paris; Alexandra Lamy exercises (without apostrophe) on a paddle, Nicolas Bedos, in the river; Charlene of Monaco goes out in a moon dress, Heidi Klum photographs that of her man; Master Gims pays himself a pauper

This week, the weather on the beaches is set on the mood of the People.

Alexandra Lamy kisses her new boyfriend at Saint Trop’. The mythical “darling” of France 2 has found love on the arm of a young 36-year-old entrepreneur. The new couple made the front page of Here, photographed in the middle of a session of maritime galochade. She is 50 years old, was not specifically looking for a boy friend, but, lo and behold, he fell on her, introduced by her little sister, Audrey, 6 months ago. Pierre Garonnaire is a winner, “French tech cador” for the mag who participates with good humor in the sea trip with his girlfriend’s group of friends, in the rosé aperitif, and in paddle sharing. Long life !

In Monaco, Charlène continues to make “her big comeback”. Despite several public outings in recent weeks, this is how Stéphane Bern introduces the article he devotes to him in Paris Match. Dressed in “a moon-colored dress” to attend the Red Cross Gala, “she exchanged loving glances with her prince” before dinner and Alicia Keys’ concert, which should bring in thousands for the Monegasque association. Once again, the absence of the First Lady at the previous buttock clip, only 10 days ago – the Rose Ball, went by the wayside. We will have to end up seeing the hatred that settles between the Princess and her sister-in-law Caroline and which forces the protocol to separate the appearances of the two clans. From now on, it’s each their own red carpet and this time, not a single Casiraghi / Hanover had made the trip.

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A little further south, Nicolas Bedos got paparazzer glued to his girlfriend, in Corsica. Together for 2 years, Pauline Desmonts and Nicolas thought they had peace by choosing a small river inland rather than the crowded beach and well, it’s missed! Arrived on a small red scooter, the photographer shot them all day long, lying in the water, sunbathing back to back, giving each other greedy kisses, playing in the rocks… The good life.

In the North, on the other hand, it gets cooler: Closer explains to us that the first big couple fight for Sophie Davant and William Leymergie took place this summer, in Normandy! In question, the unwanted presence of the ex Madame Sled at the wedding of the youngest of the ex Monsieur Télématin.

It must be admitted that the presenter looks a bit grumpy, alone on the sand, her feet in the water, her palms at half mast. And we would be less. To look good, she would have agreed to wait very wisely for the father of the bride, stashed in their hotel room. The proof that it is necessary damn composed with the recomposed family.

And we continue our descent towards the south with a Eva Longoria who worked well on her beach outing. The ex Gabrielle Solis of “Desperate Housewife” on vacation in Spain is resplendent on the sand with her son in her arms. The panama screwed on the head, the perfectly drawn brown curls, the hoop earrings, the sunglasses, the white swimsuit, hats off to the stylist, everything is perfect. Not at all spontaneous, but perfect.

On the other side of the Atlantic, it’s lukewarm but it’s done! Jennifer Lopez is called Mrs. Affleck. The most anticipated wedding of the summer took place in secret in a poor Las Vegas chapel, with 4 other clamps waiting their turn. Paris Match, Here, Closer and Public tell us the same story (so well written by the couple’s PR?): the singer chose a little white dress from her wardrobe, the actor a white suit with a big bow tie ‘, each a kid as a witness, and zou, roll youth. The newlyweds therefore said yes after an engagement that lasted twenty, they posed next to a pink cadillac that would have belonged to Elvis, but without the ritual double, “because it would have been necessary to pay more, and anyway way, he was in bed. Yes, because we don’t really know why, but the wedding took place a little before midnight. To be sure to be alone? In any case, the rages for the color of the flowers, the height of the wedding cake and the table plan are not completely thrown away, because the mega fiesta is in full view, rather towards the end of summer and to their new home in Los Angeles. Bridezilla therefore has one more shot to play and in the meantime, they have gone to play lovers on the Parisian public benches! So many clichés leave you speechless, right?

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And the beach weather People turn downright tornado in England, where a new book-investigation buries Meghan Markle, if it was still needed. Public lists the new facts reported by the author. There is the Queen’s sigh of relief when she learned that the minx would not be present at her husband’s funeral. There is the frenzied “reframing” of “Party Harry”: no more poker between friends, no more drinking parties until dawn, Monsieur is asked to reinforce himself with Madame’s Woke ideology. Meghan would prepare her comparison with Diana for ages, and would have tried to push Harry to mention it in the press as early as 2016. The author still says that Harry’s friends have hated her since day one. During a party organized to officially introduce her to her 15 closest friends, she would have been obnoxious, denigrating and criticizing everything in her path and without obviously being interested in any of them. Following the event, the youngest of Diana would have received a shower of text messages warning him against the American. It was well seen.

Master Gims plays the generous donors: uncomfortable! In a video of his own, the singer apostrophes a man in the streets of Saint-Tropez. A stranger, Comorian, dressed in a plastic apron, who has obviously just finished his service as a dishwasher in a restaurant and who asks nothing of anyone. “This is the first person I meet, and she’s going to have to answer the question correctly: who is your favorite singer? “The poor man who does not recognize the rapper in front of him, still responds” Gims “, is unable to sing a chorus of said singer but is rewarded with … 5000 euros! “Big dedication to the Comorres. And it’s not me who gives, it’s God. “Mmm, what can I say? “Nothing is going” as an Internet user who commented on the whole thing?

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Kanye West is in default. Probably more by forgetfulness or a bad head than by personal bankruptcy since the singer proclaims very loudly that he weighs nearly “10 billion dollars”. But the delays accumulate and after his stylist who claims 400,000 euros for rare clothes not returned, it is an event box which awaits the payment of a slate of nearly 7 million euros. The rapper n hasn’t paid the bills since February, when several of his shows were prepared by this company. This is a good judicial soap opera in perspective.

And then to finish, here are the mezes to share: Laure Manaudou, her companion and their children were among the evacuees from Teste-de-Buch, like thousands of holidaymakers chased by the flames in Gironde. Emily Ratajkowski is single again: after several deceptions from her husband and father of her 1-year-old son, she has decided to file for divorce. Mickael Jackson’s three children will only receive their inheritance at the age of 30. After a Hermès bag for her birthday last year, the daughter of rapper Cardi B received for her 4th birthday… a wad of greenbacks. $50,000 to be exact. Jerry Hall, a 65-year-old bombshell, was nastily dumped by the wealthy but cacochyme press magnate Rupert Murdoch… by text message. Ricky Martin’s troubles deflated like a balloon: the person who accused him of harassment and violence was his nephew, but he dropped his charges, heavy psychiatric disorders having been put forward. Heidi Klum still enjoys her toy boy as much as ever: after 4 years of marriage, and 16 years apart, the German top posed in front of her husband who tans naked like a worm in their garden.

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