Jennifer López, Maluma or C Tangana also made a song out of spite

Shakira’s latest song has been around the world in 24 hours. Everyone talks about the lyrics that the Colombian sings. The number of reproductions continues to grow, already going for 62 million.

It has gone viral, mainly, because everyone has noticed the two protagonists of his lyrics, his ex, the former soccer player Gerard Piqué and his current partner, Clara Chía. A song that is as hated as it is criticized, just like the singer’s attitude, but it is not the only one, many other artists have done it before.

If we talk about expressing oneself openly, being explicit and leaving nothing to the imagination, we are talking about Paquita of the neighborhood. In his lyrics we hear phrases as direct as: “Filthy rat, creeping animal, scum of life, badly done eyesore…” or “Damn vermin, how much damage have you done to me…”. Too Rocio Jurado He was inspired by his ex, Pedro Carrasco, when he sang the song ‘Ese hombre’.

In another generation we find the international star Jennifer Lopez. The artist vented what she felt after her separation with Marc Anthony with lyrics like: “What did you do? Today you destroyed hope with your pride. Today you clouded my gaze with your fury…” in a song in which she blamed him for their separation.

also the young Becky G after his break with the rapper Anuel… “What is useless, that does not get in the way. You scored your own goal for being clumsy. This torque was great for you.”

Also the men C Tangana He charged against Rosalía and Luis Miguel reproached what was his first love for having broken his heart.

The Colombian is not far behind either Maluma, who dedicated the song ‘Hawaii’ to her ex after leaving him for soccer player Neymar. In the lyrics of the famous song you can hear phrases like: “The photo you uploaded with him saying that it was your heaven. Baby, I know you so well, I know it was to make me jealous…”

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