Jennifer Lopez’s documentary is available on Netflix, we watched it, here is our opinion!

Lately, it’s more for her reunion with Ben Affleck than for her musical news that Jennifer Lopez made the front page of the people press. It must be said that nearly twenty years after their breakup, the two lovebirds found themselves in great shape to finally get engaged… a second time. A theme that fits perfectly with the skin of the American star since the latter was recently on the poster of Marry Me alongside Maluma. But for now, if Bennifer appears willingly in front of cameras around the world from Venice to Los Angeles, it is with a new project that the interpreter of Let’s Get Loud, On the Floor or Love Don’t Cost a Thing has arrived on Netflix: an exceptional documentary entitled Half-time. Announced with great fanfare on JLo’s social networks, the news immediately went around the web. It must be said that after Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande or even Taylor Swift, who have all been the subject of a similar project, the singer, actress, director and businesswoman could not escape it. We therefore looked closely at this documentary which is at the top of the gondola on the American platform. This is our humble opinion.

Daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants, Jennifer Lopez has risen in a few decades to the height of glory. The culmination of this phenomenal career during which she sold millions of albums and generated billions of dollars at the box office, Jennifer Lopez was invited to perform at the halftime of the Super Bowl in 2020. A key period for the star who also starred in the film Queens for which everyone predicted many rewards. In this intimate documentary, the media star is revealed like never before. We discover her as a caring mother, a relentless worker but above all as a committed daughter of immigrants.

If she travels today by private jet, her childhood was made in the Bronx

At the heart of the Trump era, the latter does not hesitate to share her anger at the country’s politics as well as her disagreements with the NFL, in charge of the Super Bowl. We see her as a woman of character, ready to do anything to defend her interests and the interests of those who have been less fortunate than her. In tears, Jennifer Lopez evokes the harsh reality of being Latino in the United States. It must be said that if she travels today by private jet and owns properties all over the world, her childhood was made in the Bronx, the popular suburb of New York. A period of her life which she speaks of very serenely and which would have instilled in her the true values ​​of life.

Race results? Half-time is a very moving documentary, almost without jargon, in which we discover another facet of the singer and actress that we are used to seeing on glossy paper. At 50, the one who started from nothing and who has faced many criticisms throughout her career seems more determined than ever to go down in history and to extricate herself from the false image that the media have made of her.

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