Jessica Alba and her 4-exercise full body routine

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    Jessica Alba is in great shape, the actress has always been a sports lover as she showed us when she was on the cover of Women’s Health. Her secret to going to the gym is very easy and she told us herself, “she went to the gym 45 minutes three times a week. I don’t like to do things alone, because I’m not disciplined. So I go to classes where they play loud music, people scream… All of that motivates me a lot.” That’s why it’s common to see her accompanied by her personal trainer, Ramona Braganza, every time she works out.

    The latest routine that he has taught all his followers on Instagram is all you need to train today. If you are looking for an effective training and with which you can exercise the whole body in one session, this interests you. for the grind bodysuit what has the actress done you will only have to do 4 exercises, very effective, that you can do both at home and in the gym

    Jessica Alba’s full body routine with 4 exercises

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    Nothing better than a cardio routine to start warming up. Jessica tells us that she has done a 30-minute spinning session to start moving the muscles before the training session.


    You have to do a total of 3 series of this training. There are 4 exercises and the repetitions range from 10-15.

    • Row with TRX – 15 reps.
    • Bulgarian jump squat (jump is optional) – 15 reps.
    • Chest press – 10 reps.
    • Sit-ups with sliding discs – 5 on each side.


      sliding discs

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      Fundamental after each training, she herself says “super important, don’t forget it”.

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