Jessie Reyez | Toronto’s pop queen (7.5/10)

With her background and her notoriety, it’s surprising that Toronto star Jessie Reyez is only on her second album with Yessie. When she won over Montreal audiences in 2018 with the big outdoor show opening the Jazz Festival, she only had the EP Kiddo in his discography… but already so much talent and magnetism.

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Emilie Cote

Emilie Cote
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In an interview, Jessie Reyez explained that she took advantage of the pandemic to read books like The Power of Now. She promised herself to set her own standards, especially in relation to her career. She also wanted to evacuate all the rage that rumbled in her and that was specific to her first songs (we will remember that she destroyed her ex’s Corvette in her song fuck it).

A breakup fueled the inspiration for his album Yessie, but let’s say that the qualifier associated with him in his early days, “crude”, now translates to “true”, which allows the Colombian-born artist to show himself in a more vulnerable light. On the ballads break me down and Mutual Friend, she sings with her guts.

Jessie Reyez makes her R&B songs take winding paths that have some nice surprises in store for us. We like the acoustic simplicity of the room Emotional Detachment Demo and when Jessie Reyez sings in Spanish. We also love arrangements nineties (at TLC) from hittin. And the chorus of the opening track mood ? The bomb.

Know that Queen ST. W. isn’t a pleasure ballad on Toronto’s cool thoroughfare, but a dump on an ex (and let’s just say this song is… raw!).

With Yessie, Jessie Reyez has everything to become the eminent female member of the pop monarchy of Toronto alongside Drake and The Weeknd. His first album Before Love Came to Kill Us came out at the start of the pandemic when she was the opening act for a certain Billie Eilish. She was stopped in her tracks. Now give her the throne she deserves.

Jessie Reyez will be performing at the MTelus on November 26.




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