John Wick or Neo in Mortal Kombat? Keanu Reeves comments

During a recent interview for the site Esquire Keanu Reeves commented on the possibility of seeing John Wick or Neo within Mortal Kombat, after a question asked by a fan. The actor also revealed much more about his life, his relationships and the various characters he has portrayed in the cinema.

While some leaks seem to anticipate the arrival of Neo and Trinity on Fortnite, Keanu Reeves reveals that he doesn’t want to see Neo or John Wick inside Mortal Kombat, despite being a huge fan of the saga. This declaration comes precisely in response to a question from a user on the internet, who would like the two characters in the famous fighting game.

For the occasion the famous actor also has revealed to be in effect married to Winona Ryder, following a scene where the two celebrated their wedding for the film Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The director Francis Ford Coppola has in fact revealed that on the set there were real priests and not actors, who really celebrated the function.

Regarding the possible appearance in the famous game, Reeves commented:

What if it was up to me? No, Mortal Komat is great in so many ways, but I think… you know, Neo, John Wick, they’re doing their thing, Mortal Kombat is doing their thing.

This is therefore the direct comment of the actor who played John Wick and Neo regarding a possible appearance of the two characters on Mortal Kombat, although Ed Boon himself has expressed his interest, although nothing has been decided at the moment. Keanu Reeves didn’t go into further detail, overshadowing the question.

It therefore seems that the two famous characters they won’t appear within very soon Mortal Kombat, despite the link with the cinema is more than present, as also underlined by the recent DLC of Rambo, Terminator and Robocop.

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