Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and more famous ‘coincide’ on the Cíes Islands

The islands Cies have been filled with a legion of international celebrities this summer. Or at least from people who usurped his identity. Actresses, actors and singers of the stature of Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Jennifer Aniston, James Franco, Leonardo Dicaprio, Bryan Adams either vanessa paradise they would have requested authorization to visit the Vigo archipelago. Something that, in reality, seems very unbelievable, despite the great ‘publicity’ that Cíes has received this year in The New York Times, as well as in other media with worldwide repercussions.

The data from Cíes this summer has been very good, but among the thousands of people who flocked to the archipelago daily there are neither Johhny Depp nor his ex-wife Amber Heard with whom he has had an arduous legal battle. Neither the Oscar winner Leonardo Dicaprio nor the rest of the glamorous list. however yes Their names and surnames have been used to obtain the authorization that gives access to the islands. Companies in the maritime passenger transport sector denounce the lack of control over access to the national park.

As the coincidence between the authorization and the identity of the traveler is not controlled at the foot of the dock, circulation through the archipelago and the illegal traffic of authorizations are allowed. The consequence of this lack of control is that anyone can monopolize authorizations in advance to remove them from the market and put them into circulation when it best suits them, to the clear detriment of other users and other shipping companies. Passengers would thus travel with an authorization in the name of a third party.

The shipping companies Mar de Ons, Rías Gallegas, Rutas Rías Baixas and Cruceros Rías Bajas have reiterated for years the need to exercise greater control, “at least randomly” to dissuade this type of practice. Now, the entities demand an investigation and that Amtega and Natural Heritage trace the origin of these authorizations and their authors.

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