Johnny Depp receives the Lifetime Achievement Award in Europe, but in the US he remains banned: “He is a wifey hitter”


For the San Sebastian Festival in Spain, Johnny Depp And “One of the most talented and versatile actors of contemporary cinema”. And for this reason he has decided to give him the highest recognition of the Spanish event, the Donostia Award. But overseas Depp continues to have a difficult life, to be considered a “wifey hitter”, as The Sun defined him, which the Hollywood star also sued losing miserably: the court confirmed the description of the newspaper, believing that Depp had assaulted the ex-wife Amber Heard on several occasions. And the uproar was immediately unleashed on the recognition both in the Old Continent and in Hollywood.

It matters little if the accusation was denied by all her companions, and the judicial battle with his ex-wife is still ongoing, the sentence now seems for many to be engraved in marble. And so in the US Depp was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen in the new “Fantastic Beasts”, the MGM has done away with its new film “Minamata” and from Netfix its titles have disappeared in some parts of the world.

But all this overseas attention hasn’t deterred San Sebastian, and Depp will receive his Donostia Award on Wednesday 22 September. The festival’s announcement of the award makes no reference to the controversy surrounding Depp or his recent troubles. Last year’s Donostia Award winner was Viggo Mortensen, who also presented his directorial debut, Falling, at San Sebastian 2020. Among the previous winners we also mention Glenn Ford (1987), Bette Davies (1989), Lauren Bacall (1992), Anthony Hopkins (1998) and Glenn Close (2011), Antonio Banderas that Meryl Streep (2008), o Penélope Cruz, Donald Sutherland and the director Costa-Gavras (2019).

To throw the star in the dust his marriage affair with Amber Heard that made the tabloids talk around the world. There is a storm between the two and they accuse each other of filthy domestic violence. An interminable series of court meetings started between the two. The Sun defined Depp as a “wife beater”, the actor sued the well-known tabloid and ended up in court also in this circumstance. During the trial, both the stormy marriage with Heard, but also other previous flirtations of the actor was recalled, and finally came the sentence that rejected the accusation of defamation by Depp towards The Sun.

The decision to award the prestigious San Sebastian prize to Depp it was not well taken in Hollywood. L’Hollywood Reporter has in fact already made known its indignation, reporting that the move of the famous Spanish film festival “it will certainly cause controversy and also a potential backlash “: in short, in the States they do not forgive, and above all there are many who do not like that the Donostia Award, a career recognition that rewards the figures who have “contributed in an exceptional way to the world of cinema”, is awarded to Depp.

They also joined the chorus of indignation Spanish filmmakers. The Spanish Association of Film Women has harshly criticized the artistic choice of the San Sebastian festival. The president of the association, Cristiana Andreu, told The Associated Press: “This is bad publicity for the festival and its management and it sends a terrible message to the public: It doesn’t matter if you’re violent if you’re a good actor”, as reported by Coming Soon.

And after San Sebastian too the Czech festival Karlovy Vary decided to honor Johnny Depp not with a Lifetime Achievement Award, which will go to Sir Michael Caine, but hosting him with two of his productions, Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan and Minamata (photo), which should be released in November. Finally Depp was chosen by Dior for the new commercial and the creation of a perfume. In short, while he remains banned overseas, Europe has been more guaranteed with him.


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