Jonah Hill gives up promoting his films to preserve his sanity

Jonah Hill will no longer speak about his films in front of the media. The actor has published an open letter in which he announces that he will give up promoting his future films. He explains that he can no longer bear the pressure of such a media exercise. ” You won’t see me promoting these films, nor the next ones to come, until I can protect myself. If I make myself sick to go out and promote, I won’t be honest with myself or the movie. “, he explains.

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Jonah Hill will however be showing two feature films soon. The film You People which will be released on Netflix, as well as a documentary which precisely addresses his mental health and his relationship with his therapist, Dr. Phil Stutz. It was during the filming of this documentary that the actor became aware of the impact of these promotions on his mental health. ” Thanks to the introspective journey that I was able to make through the film, I came to understand that I spent almost 20 years having anxiety attacks, which are accentuated by appearances and events in public. “, he confides.

Celebrities are breaking the taboo around mental health

By making this public statement, the actor also wishes to end the taboo that still surrounds mental health today. ” With this letter and with Stutz, I hope to make talking about this malaise normal so that we can act. Those who suffer from it will then be able to take a step back to feel better and their loved ones will be able to better understand their problems. “explains the actor. Recently, many celebrities have also spoken out on this topic. In July, Shawn Mendes, for example, announced that he was postponing his tour to take care of his mental health. This week, actor Tom Holland announced that he left social networks for the same reasons.

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