Journalist Lourdes del Río is diagnosed with breast cancer

The journalist Lourdes del Río shared with her followers on social networks that she was diagnosed with cbreast cancer. “I have received strong news and with the sincerity that characterizes me, I have decided to make it public,” she said in a video.

The journalistwith more than 30 years of experience and who currently works for the Univision newscast, said that he will leave this process he is going through, which he considered a challenge for his life.

“I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, but as I always tell you, I am not only going to preach by word, but also by example. I am positive, totally positive, convinced that this is a lesson that life is giving me to be a better person and also so that you, through me, see that it is possible to live positively”assured the communicator.

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“It’s not that bad things don’t happen to us, it’s that, when bad things happen to us, we are able to have the tools,” del Río pointed out.

The communicator, of Puerto Rican origin, also assured that she would carry out this process privately, and that from time to time, if she had the courage, she would publish photos or videos on her networks.

Then give the informationthousands of followers they sympathized with the journalistwho wished him a speedy recovery and strength to continue and overcome one of the most common diseases in the world.

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