Juan Osorio assures that Vicente Fernández appeared on the set of “The Last King”

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Next Monday, May 16, the second season of “The last king” so Juan Osorio is promoting the bioseries not authorized by the Vicente Fernández dynasty.

Said season, as revealed by the producer and ex-husband of Niurka Marcos in the “Hoy” program, will focus on the beginnings of the artistic career of “Charro de Huentitán” and Alejandro Fernández and how Doña Cuquita had to give birth and raise her children alone since her husband was focused on his tours and movies.

Given the tension generated in the Fernández family by the bioseries based on the book by Olga Wornat, Juan Osorio decided to send a message on national television to the widow of the idol of the Mexican regional, Doña Cuquita.

“Madam, it is a tribute to you for being a great mother, a great queen for being there and to your husband who will always be here in our hearts”Osorio commented before the cameras with the aim of reassuring the Fernández family that they have legally attacked the production.

Juan Osorio assured that Vicente Fernández did him a divine favor

In the program, Juan Osorio commented that Vicente Fernández has supported the production from heaven since in the production of the bioseries starring Pablo Montero they had some technical problems and they prayed to the idol of the Mexican regional and from there, the problems ceased .

“A quick anecdote it was raining, a tornado passed and it took everything, it raised the tent, it undid everything, the actors tied up scared there and we all yelled at him, help us Don Vicente, this is for you and suddenly everything is calm and blessed God Everything has flowed.”

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