Judge archives investigation of Spanish public company that would have paid bribes in the DR

The judge of the National High Court who has investigated alleged irregularities in the contracts of the public company Mercasa in Panama and in the Dominican Republic has decided to file the case, considering that the investigations have failed to prove the commission of the crimes charged.

Judge Santiago Pedraz has issued an order, known this Thursday, in which he decrees the provisional dismissal of this case, one in which he has investigated Mercasa contracts abroad.

In the case of Panama and the Dominican Republic, the judge sees no more room to continue investigating and considers that until now “the perpetration of the imputed crimes has not been duly justified, without there being any expectation of obtaining new incriminating data.”

In his decision he has weighed the silence of the Dominican Republic and the United States when responding to the rogatory commissions sent by the National High Court in the context of their investigations. To date, says the judge, they have not been completed.

It assumes, therefore, that the investigation “would be pending the necessary steps to clarify the reality of the facts under investigation”, but the time that has elapsed without the rogatory commissions having been answered and without further investigation steps being pending, considers that it is appropriate is to file the case.

A decision adopted at the request of the Anticorruption Prosecutor, of the company Central Supply Markets SA (MERCASA) and others investigated.

However, in other cases, such as in the piece related to contracts of Angola, the judge sent 18 defendants to trial for an alleged scheme of bribery of officials of the country in exchange for contracts between 2006 and 2016.

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