Judge sends a defendant in the Antipulpo case to trial and imposes an embargo for RD$10 million

Santo Domingo, DR.

The judge of the Seventh Court of Instruction of the National District, Deiby Peguero, imposed a conservatory embargo of ten million pesos in favor of the Dominican State and sent Milagros Isabel Torres Castellanos, one of the defendants in the AntiPulpo case, to trial.

Torres Castellanos, a member of the “EDITORAMA SRL” entity that is part of the process, asked that his measure be known separately from the other defendants, arguing a “health condition.”

The accused is one of the 25 accused in the corruption case that is being carried out against Juan Alexis Medina Sánchez and other individuals, as well as against 21 companies accused of forming a network that defrauded the State of billions of pesos.

Isabel Torres Castellanos is accused of money laundering, criminal association and other criminal offenses by the Dominican State.

It is the first time that a court grants in favor of the Dominican State, in a case of corruption, a precautionary measure of coercion for the conservatory seizure of all assets for 10 million pesos.

The magistrate accepted the accusation made by the Office of the Specialized Prosecutor for Administrative Corruption (Pepca) and the constitution of the State as a civil actor, represented at the hearing by lawyers Jorge Antonino López Hilario, Jorge Luis Polanco, Claudia Álvarez Troncoso and José Luís Almanzar , members of the Public Heritage Recovery Team (ERPP).

“Being the first time that we observe this type of measure in criminal cases of corruption, we understand that this constitutes a firm step forward and justifies the intervention of the Public Heritage Recovery Team, because now not only is the criminal conviction of those responsible , but the comprehensive reparation of the damages suffered by the Dominican State through real coercive measures such as the one imposed today,” said Jorge López.

The magistrate accepted all the evidence presented by the Public Ministry, excluding the testimony of the accused Alexis Medina because his testimony could affect his process.

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