Julia Roberts goes back to copper hair color from Pretty Woman

We are left as when Richard Gere sees for the first time without her blonde wig Vivian, the prostitute played by Julia Roberts in beautiful woman. Julia Roberts’ curly red hair was one of the great beauty icons of the 90s that still lives on. And in full review of the 90s and 2000s in search of inspiring trends, Julia Roberts herself has recovered the redhead of his character dearest, proving that the copper tone is one of the biggest trends of the year.

The copper tone as the protagonist

As they explain to us from Montibellocopper or copper has become fashionable because it is “a very flattering bet, ideal for those who seek to add dimension to their hair, in addition to demonstrating an overwhelming personality. Copper is a shade that flatters everyone and it adapts to all skin types, as it allows you to play with color intensity and nuances.” And this is important because “Although we always associate it with white skin and green eyes, it is also ideal for darker faces, to add shine and luminosity to the skin.”

Actress Julia Roberts in New York CityChristopher Peterson/SplashNews.com

Who does copper favor?

So, the chromatic variety of copper should be chosen in the salon depending on the tone of the skin, both the natural one and the one we have at that moment due to tanning. This is what he recommends Raphael Gooddirector of Rafael Bueno Hairdressers. “For paler complexions with light eyes, I like the lighter, brighter shades, the ones closest to orange tones. On the other hand, for natural brown skin, I prefer the strongest reds that are close to wine tones, since they fit very well.”

Is about study the hair and the characteristics of each one. But, in addition to being applied as a block, copper can be used to add light. Rachel Saizdirector of Blue Room by Raquel Saizexplain what “coppers are shades that stand out and they bring light beyond blondes. On darker hair and faces I like to use them in the form of highlights to revitalize the hair, especially at the end of summer, taking advantage of the tan.”

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