Julia Roberts movies to watch before her new comedy

In this note, a review of his characters in My Best Friend’s Wedding and A Place Called Notting Hill to await the premiere of his Ticket to Paradise

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05/08/2022 – 07:46 a.m.

Julia Roberts movies you have to see before the premiere of her new romantic comedy

Both on the big screen and on the different on-demand platforms, in 2022 the premieres of series and movies do not stop and this year, precisely, after 20 and absence in the romantic comedies genre, Julia Roberts will star alongside George Clooney in the film Ticket to Paradise.

The premiere, scheduled for October 2022, will mark a milestone in the career of the actress. It is that according to her evaluation, she finds in this production an attraction similar to My best friend’s wedding (HBO Max) and A Place Called Notting Hill (Direct Tv Go), two of his hits.

“If I had read anything that I would have thought lived up to the writing of Notting Hill or the rave of fun of My best friend’s Wedding, I would have done that. But they didn’t exist until this movie that Ol Parker wrote and directed,” he said in an interview with the New York Times. On top of that, the actress wanted to partner George Clooney. And Clooney accepted.

Following his statements, we make a brief review of both films to know (or remember) that playful facet that the actress had left behind and look at what is coming with her career in mind. For those who have the habit of reoffending, in addition, the two films are suitable to see them again.

Julia Roberts will star opposite George Clooney in the film Ticket to Paradise, which opens in October

My Best Friend’s Wedding Kicks Off Other Julia Roberts Movies

If Ticket to Paradise means the return of Roberts to comedy already in his acting maturity, My best friend’s Wedding (1997) can be seen as the kick that led to other emblematic films, such as Pretty Woman (1990), A place called Notting Hill (1999) and runaway bride (1999).

The argument has the delirium that the artist mentioned. Julianne Potter (Roberts) is a 27-year-old New York restaurant critic who runs into an old friend Michael O’Neal (Dermot Mulroney) and sets out to win him over. The problem is that this crush is about to get married and she won’t let it go.. On the contrary, as if wrapped in an obsession, Julianne will try to avoid her wedding with Kimberly Wallace (Cameron Diaz). The task will be undertaken with the company of her close friend George (Rupert Everett), a secondary character who becomes important as the plot progresses.

If the film had been released today, it would be crossed by the media and social debate regarding “husband-robbers”, feminism and men disputed by two women. In this sense, one of director PJ Hogan’s challenges was to make Julianne a empathic character with the audience despite her crazy and somewhat narcissistic war to be crowned the “chosen one”.

Of course, the director achieved his goal, because seeing a deranged Julia Roberts chasing her lover on top of a stolen truck or laughing out loud during a dance are some of the moments that outline the likeable character.

My best friend’s wedding is the kick that led to other movies like Pretty Woman and A Place Called Notting Hill.

A place called Notting Hill

The movie recovers the fantasy of the Hollywood star unattainable for the “common” citizen and asks even if love can triumph beyond famemoney and the roles that people occupy socially.

In this case, the two protagonists represent the crash between the life of luxury and frivolity and the one where happiness is found in simple pleasures. Anna Scott (Roberts) is a famous actress who happens to meet William Thacker (Hugh Grant), an employee of a small bookstore in the London neighborhood of Notting Hill. to that first crush on the book store spontaneous encounters will follow and then lead the characters in a love story.

Of course, nothing will flow without entanglements or conflicts that will include absurd scenes of humor, others of friendships and deep reflections on the purpose of existence. It will be the desire of the characters that will define their destinies. Will they be able to overcome prejudice, pride and end up standing up?

In A Place Called Notting Hill the two protagonists represent the clash between the life of luxury and the happiness of the simple

A challenge for Julia Roberts

The two films (also available for rent on YouTube and Google Play) set the bar high for the performances, for the round scripts and because they have icons that are part of the collective memory. Some of them are the famous Notting Hill bookstore that tourists look for to be photographed or the song A little pray for you, by My best friend’s Wedding.

Thus, before the premiere of Ticket to Paradise, the chips are set to see if the film has the same solidity as its predecessors and if 20 years later, Julia Roberts reaffirms herself once again in the romantic comedy.

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