Junior Álvarez thanks the people in a video: “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you.” With these opening words, the veteran Puerto Rican actor Junior Alvarez reappeared on Tuesday night, through his social networks, to acknowledge the support of the people in the face of the calls made by his family to help him financially face his health problems, but also for the prayers and positive thoughts he has received in his “difficult” process.

“Thank you a thousand times for your gesture of affection, kindness, support, positive gestures, phrases of encouragement and for your financial support that will allow me to take the space to recover physically to be with you again” , he expressed.

In a video posted on Facebook, in which he appears with his wife Magdaly Cruz, the actor indicated that they reached the donations needed as part of the fundraising, for which he requested that they no longer send more monetary contributions.

“We have practically reached the goal that we wanted with the fundraising, that is why we want to stop at this moment and all your help. I will be posting videos weekly to give you updates to you about how I continue, when I start walking, when my treatments start, how the tests are going and above all, how that percentage is going up so that I don’t become a heart transplant candidate, which is what we want to avoid”, he maintained, while thanking his family “for having been with me at all times and not letting go of my hand.”

Álvarez said that, at the moment, the only fundraising activity left is a golf tournament that will take place on July 16 at Río Bayamón Golf Club, in Bayamón.

The actor also took the opportunity to thank the support provided by the country’s artistic class, as well as the care of the doctors who treat his case, at a time when he accepted that the road to recovery is not “easy” or “short”.

“I have to get from 15% to 50% the function of my heart and that will take me months, possibly a year. But thanks to you I can take that time for us to achieve that goal, ”she highlighted.

“Wherever I stop, I will always thank you, the people of Puerto Rico. You know, the donations are over, we have practically reached the goal… I love you, thanks a million, ”he added.

Cruz also addressed a few words of gratitude: “This life is not going to give us enough to thank you for everything you have done for us. Those prayers came, thank you very much.”

In early May, the Álvarez family reported that after months of feeling physical deterioration (fatigue, sleep apnea, difficulty breathing), the actor decided to take action and start a series of tests to determine what was causing the discomfort. On March 24, through an electrocardiogram they found an obstruction in the left side of the heart, which caused it to be operating at 15% of its capacity.

The following week, Dr. Francisco Rosado confirmed the obstruction on the left side of the heart and also diagnosed pulmonary edema. Given the severity of the diagnosis, the internist urgently referred him to a cardiologist. By mid-April, the actor had two episodes of ventricular arrhythmia for which he “almost lost his life,” explained his son Alejandro in a video.

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