Justin Bieber will resume touring at the end of July

Bieber is back ! rejoice many of his admirers on the planet for less than 24 hours. After postponing a series of world tour dates in June due to facial paralysis linked to Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, the megastar will return to the stage on July 31.

Posted July 20

Luc Boulanger

Luc Boulanger
The Press

It’s his ??? who confirmed to the magazine on Tuesday varietyTuesday afternoon, that his tour Justice was going to restart at the end of the month at the Lucca Summer Festival, in Italy. The singer will then continue his tour in Europe, Asia and South America.

Regarding the North American performances having been postponed in June, no indication has been given for the moment by the production of the Canadian artist.

Recall that, in early June, Bieber had reported on his health problems in a video: “As you can see, this eye does not blink. I can’t smile on this side of my face. This nostril does not move. So there is complete paralysis on the side of my face”; he then considered himself physically incapable of performing.

“Seeing him on vacation has made it possible for us to spend some time together, and I think whatever he’s going through right now, it’s actually really great to see that he has the support of his fans and his family,” Usher, his mentor, told the media, updating the Stratford, Ont., singer.

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