Justin Timberlake’s feud with the prince you probably forgot


Calling out Justin Timberlake on stage isn’t the only time Prince has shaded the musician. The Purple One was known for his playful sense of humor (via Variety). Rebekah Alperin, a former music executive, told Vulture of a particularly sarcastic moment backstage at Prince.

“We were backstage at rehearsal the day before he performed the [2004] Grammys with Beyonce, and there were so many rehearsal acts that they had to share space,” she recalled. “He suddenly came out of his dressing room and he looked me straight in the eye and said in a low voice, ‘I share. .. a bathroom … with Justin Timberlake.’ Nothing against Justin, of course, I don’t think Prince expected to share a bathroom. »

Although Alperin denied there was any real bad blood, it’s clear Prince was unimpressed with Timberlake. The star himself was very blunt with NME about his “massive ego”, which he saw as a positive because you have to “think of yourself as awesome because you want to be awesome”. If there’s one thing Prince would never forgive, it’s denying his musical prowess — or his sex appeal.


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