Juve, Chiellini throws water on the capital gains case but the prosecutors are now investigating the sale of CR7

New decree of search and seizure as part of the investigation of the Prosecutor of Turin on the accounts of the Juventus. To make it known, with the press release relating to the supplement to the capital increase prospectus, is the Juventus club itself. The new decree, notified on Thursday, concerns Juventus and “some of its current exponents (Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved, Stefano Cerrato and Cesare Gabasio) and passed on the facts and hypotheses of crime referred to in the press release issued on 27 November 2021 as well as with regard to the item ‘Definitive disposals’ of the financial statements at 30 June 2021 in relation to the economic values ​​of the sale of the player Dos Santos Aveiro Cristiano Ronaldo. As already announced, Juventus is collaborating with the investigators and with Consob and is confident that it will clarify every aspect of their interest, believing that it has operated in compliance with the laws and regulations governing the preparation of financial reports, in compliance with accounting principles. and in line with the international football industry practice and market conditions “.

Juventus case, new interceptions on Ronaldo’s “card”: “If it comes out, they jump to our throats”

“If it comes out, we jump at our throats … everything on the financial statements, the auditors and everything”. At the same time, this Friday also new interceptions arrived from the “prism” investigation, conducted by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office on the accounts and affairs of the Juventus, with the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United is a new key element. To speak – reports the Corriere della Sera in its online edition – I am the Juventus legal counsel Cesare Gabasio, new enrolled in the register of suspects, and the current ds Federico Cherubini. The conversation would go back to 23 September 2021: Gabasio would explain that he had “a speech with the pres” and still “I would not go to the extreme .. of making a lawsuit because then that paper there that they have to come up with is not helping us so much to us … in our balance sheet “. The theme remains the research of this “famous paper that theoretically does not have to exist”. According to the investigators, who at first thought of the Portuguese wages arrears, it would be – he always reports corriere.it – a private agreement with Manchester United in which an agreement other than the one officially communicated would be envisaged. And, above all, reported in the balance sheet.

To the microphones of Sky Sports, captain Giorgio Chiellini in the evening he commented precisely on the capital gains case and the investigations in progress against Juventus: “The investigations leave the time they find, you have to wait. When it comes to Juve, the investigations are amplified. We have to wait and put effort by giving something back to a a company that has given us so much. Tuesday’s appeal was extended to those around me and to those who have supported us for a long time. We have the moral obligation to be united to create something even more beautiful “.

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