Juventus transfer market, in the stands if he does not sign

The latest Juventus transfer market features a player whose contract expires at the end of this season

Also there Juventus was forced to choose the way of saving, which on transfer market goes hand in hand with that of the so-called ‘occasions’. Above all, opportunities at no cost, which in truth have not given much to the Bianconeri in recent years. If we think about the latest ones, Rabiot And Ramsey, rather than opportunities we should call them ballast. They then took more money, of course.

Due to their large salaries, not in balance with the performance on the pitch, the club chaired by Andrea Lambs has done and will struggle to get rid of it.

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Always speaking of zero opportunities, as well as high salaries and Juve interest, we can open the discussion Dembele. Ousmane, that of Barcelona with the contract expiring in June 2022, or in just six months. Some Spanish sources give him direct in the Premier League, precisely to Newcastle just bought by the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. With a lot of agreement already closed; others, on the other hand, are still in talks with the Blaugrana for an extension that is anything but simple given the figures at stake. Now the 24 year old transalpine earns 12 million net, perhaps it will take even longer to sign a new agreement with Barça, which we know is not doing well on an economic and financial level.

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Juventus transfer market, no stands for Dembele: “He has a contract and must play”

Juventus transfer market, Dembele in the stands: Xavi's announcement
Dembele in action © LaPresse

Yesterday the president The door he spoke of a slow negotiation for the renewal of Dembele, today instead Xavi has turned off the rumors that the Catalans are inclined to send the player (this year in the slo field 3 times due to a knee injury) in the stands between now and the end of the season if he does not sign his contract: “Dembele in the stands? It is not our intention – answered the Barcelona coach in the conference on the eve of the match against Betis valid for the 16th day of La Liga – If a player has a contract, I think he should play. Also for a matter of image of the club “.

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