Kanye West: the confusion of Ye and Drake evoked in “Father Time”!

Rapper Kendrick Lamar discusses the clash between Kanye West and Drake in his track Father Time. We give you more details.

Kendrick Lamar unveils his new musical project! The young artist even evokes the clash between Kanye West and Drake in one track. MCE TV gives you more details.

Father Time talks about Kanye West

Rapper Kendrick Lamar is one of the most discreet of its generation. Indeed, the American artist is often absent from the media. You always have to wait for the release of an album to hear about it.

And this Friday, the artist finally unveiled his new album Mr Morale & The Big Steppers. His new musical project has not gone unnoticed! Indeed, it has already made some experts in the music industry react. And for a very simple reason.

In his album, Kendrick Lamar does not hesitate to refer to some well-known artists. Moreover, we retain many striking punchlines in certain pieces of this new album.

One of them directly evokes the clash between the rapper Kanye West and Drake. This is a phrase said in the track Father Time by Kendrick Lamar.

The rapper indeed took advantage of this piece to evoke the reconciliation between Kanye West and rapper Drake. You should know that the latter two were in clash for years before reconciling a few months ago.

A reconciliation which therefore inspired the rapper Kendrick Lamar. In the piece Father Time, he returns to the fact that Drake and Kanye West are now reconciled.

But he admits above all that he did not necessarily expect it. We give you more details on this little wink that did not go unnoticed.

Kanye West: the confusion of Ye and Drake evoked in "Father Time" !

“I’m not as mature as I think I am”

The reconciliation of Drake and Kanye West therefore gave ideas to the rapper Kendrick Lamar. The latter also slipped a little nod to the two rappers in his track Father Time.

“When Kanye got back together with Drake, I was slightly confused. I guess I’m not as mature as I think, I have some progress to make” raps the young artist. The sentence can then be interpreted in different ways.

Moreover, many hypotheses are beginning to emerge on social networks. Among the most plausible theories is that based on the theme of his piece.

You should know that Kendrick Lamar sings about the lack of paternal love in his piece Father Time. He therefore sought to harden his character. Hence the implication that he finds it really mature on the part of Kanye West and Drake to reconcile.

As a reminder, the latter two surprised fans by going on stage together a few weeks ago. A reconciliation that warmed the hearts of fans of the two rappers, but not only.

Indeed, other stars have also reacted to their reunion. Like Justin Biber, for example. The young Canadian singer even shared a photo of the two rappers on his Instagram account!

Kanye West and Drake ended up reuniting for the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert. An event that was also broadcast on Amazon and which marks their reconciliation.

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