Kardashian Fans Think Kylie Jenner Revealed Her Son’s ‘Scary’ Name and Predict When She’ll Finally Announce It

KYLIE Jenner may have revealed her son’s name, and could make an official announcement within weeks, according to a fan theory.

Kylie, 25, and Travis Scott’s second child’s name were initially announced as Wolf, but the couple changed their minds days later and said it ‘didn’t suit him’.

Kylie shared a photo of her son's feet, who at the time was called Wolf


But Jenner never revealed what the name was changed to, and the whole family kept it a secret.

But that hasn’t stopped fans from scouring Kardashian-Jenner’s social media feeds for a clue as to what the name might be.

Earlier this month, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum posted a photo of the full moon to her Instagram Stories.

There was no caption, sticker or gif attached to the photo, only the moon shining against the night sky.

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The same night, Kourtney Kardashian, 43, also shared a photo of the moonlit night sky.

The sister’s posts led many Kardashian fans to believe that Kylie had subtly announced her son’s new name.

Kylie and Travis, 31, have changed their son’s name after deciding Wolf “just isn’t right for him”, but have yet to reveal his replacement.

A fan reposted the Kylie Cosmetics founder’s late-night photos to a popular Kardashian-dedicated Reddit board, captioning it “I call her now…Moon Webster.”

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Other fans rushed to the comments thread to speculate on the six-month-old’s name.

Another Redditor commented, “I would believe it! »

While a second added: “I think you are right. »

Just recently, a Kardashian fan created an article further expanding on Moon Webster’s theory.

Kardashian Fans Think Kylie Has Finally Revealed Her Baby's Name After Posting Photo Of The Moon


Kourtney Kardashian also posted a photo of the moon, further adding to fan speculation


Titled “My Kylie Baby Name Theory…,” the Redditor shared their thesis on the baby’s name as well as when Kylie will announce it.

They wrote, “I think her son’s name is Moon and she will post his name on her Halloween makeup collection. She loves Halloween so he [will] to be a pretty spooky collection and dedicated to him. »

Once again, fans rushed to the comments thread to share their take on the theory.

One person wrote: “I thought about that too…[it] will be interesting to finally hear the name! »

Another fan commented, “That would be cute too. I think either Sunni or Moon”

Sunni is one of the names suggested by fans in the past.

A third fan responded to the comment, writing, “I don’t think she can call him Sunni even though it’s a nice name. Maybe Sunny. »

While a fourth Redditor agreed with the suggested Halloween-themed cosmetics and collaboration for the name post, adding “Of course she’ll take advantage of it and incorporate it into her makeup line.” »


Kylie has been incredibly private with her baby boy when it comes to photos and she and the Astroworld artist have yet to reveal the little one’s nickname.

The couple already shared a daughter, Stormi, four, before their son was born.

Kardashian fans have had various theories as to why the famous couple kept a tight lid on their son’s name.

The makeup mogul recently shared a little glimpse of her six-month-old son on her Instagram Stories.

The mum-of-two posted a boomerang of her walking with her son, tucked to her chest in an infant harness.

She shared the video with a black and white filter, with the caption “Morning” and a butterfly emoji.

Fans shared a theory on an online thread that her son might be called ‘Butterfly’, with one writing: ‘Is his name going to be Butterfly Effect Webster. »

Another user pointed out that Butterfly Effect is a song from her baby daddy Travis’ album Astroworld.

Kylie teased fans with snaps of her son, keeping his face out of sight of the camera.

Tight-lipped Kylie

Kylie’s critics have shared a theory as to why they believe the star is keeping her baby’s name a secret.

The makeup mogul revealed her son’s name was Wolf shortly after he was born to later announce that she and Travis Scott had a change of heart.

Kylie hasn’t revealed what name she ultimately chose for her son, but speculation is rife.

Recently, fans took to an online forum where they shared some theories about the name.

It seems they didn’t like the name they thought they had chosen, calling it offensive.

In a thread titled, “Is anyone shocked that Rihanna and Kylie managed to keep their baby names private?” a fan shared his theory about the baby boy’s name and why the Hulu star went silent.

The baby was rumored to be named Astro and Travis was involved in Astro’s concert deaths, so would it be controversial to call him that? “, they wrote.

The commenter was referring to Astroworld Festival, a concert created and headlined by Travis, which saw 10 people killed after a massive wave of crowds.

Another fan replied, “It would be messed up if she did. »

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A second commenter wrote, “That would explain why she didn’t announce it. I don’t understand the secret because they are very public with a lot of their life. Maybe it’ll be on an episode of the show and we’ll find it’s actually something completely different. »

The user added, “I hope it’s something else. »

Kylie's son's hand was shown in new The Kardashians trailer


Travis Scott holding his son shortly after birth


Kylie Jenner with Travis Scott and their daughter Stormi Webster


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