Karol G shows off more than a waist from an elegant yacht

The beautiful Karol G did it again! The beautiful singer left her millions of followers speechless on social networks by sharing a photo shoot from an elegant yacht in which, without a doubt, her little waist caught the eye, but something else was he returned to the lead.

The beauty Carol G To enjoy the Sun and the sea, she chose a light-colored one-piece swimsuit with some pink prints with which she definitely captured all eyes. Anuel AA’s ex-girlfriend wore her outfit more than tight and showed off her curves to the fullest.

What most delighted the followers of the famous interpreter was that she decided to show off before the camera in all angles and although she looked really beautiful from the front, the favorite angles were from behind and lying on the deck of the yacht.

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For the occasion, Carolina Giraldo Navarro complemented her outfit with her hair in a ponytail, a couple of arachnes and her quite natural face, the reggaeton star did not need anything else to look more than spectacular.

The photo session in question was shared on February 12, 2021 on her official Instagram account, where the singer has received more than 4 million reactions and endless comments praising her enormous beauty.


Karol G boasts more than a waist from an elegant yacht. Photo: Instagram.

Carol G She has conquered the world of music with her beauty and talent. This beautiful woman has gone around the world with her rhythm and flavor as well as with her irreverent looks, although it should be noted that she always looks beautiful.

The singer formed one of the most famous couples in the world of reggaeton next to Anuel AA, their courtship seemed like a fairy tale until it was revealed that it had come to an end. The followers of Karol G and Anuel still do not recover from the idea that everything between them is over and although they say they remain as friends, they indicate that the reggaeton singer usually hints at her ex-partner through her songs.

Enormous controversy was caused by the fact that shortly after their separation was announced, the reggaeton singer announced his courtship with another singer, Yailin the most viral, who quickly became noticed by imitating some Karol G looks and even throwing hints.

Everything became more intense after Anuel gave Yailin an engagement ring and shortly after referred to her as his wife, indicating that they had already secretly married. Subsequently, rumors of a pregnancy became stronger and stronger.

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