Karol G?, Yailin the most viral ends disheveled in concert

Tremendous scare had the fiancée of Anuel AA!, Yailin the most viral apparently she did not have a good time in her presentation last weekend because the singer of the urban genre ended up disheveled on stage.

Many wondered if it was the former reggaeton player who disheveled Yailin the most viral; However, the beautiful Karol G had nothing to do with what happened last weekend during the singer’s tour.

The images of last weekend circulate on social networks where you can see the singer with quite original white pants, a very small top of the same color and very voluminous hair; however, she is ended up with much more volume.

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Karol G’s former love rival was singing and moving on stage when she approached a fireworks cannon that was surprisingly activated, fortunately throwing only colored paper on her face and hair with great force.

Yailin, the most viral, was quite surprised at this uncomfortable moment and that it was surely a tremendous scare; however, she withdrew from that part of the stage and continued with the show.

Definitely, this moment could not be avoided, because a large number of cell phones were recording the show, so the moment circulates from various angles on social networks where there are all kinds of comments.

Apparently Anuel AA’s partner has not been very well received by the public, since he has been booed before some shows he performs alongside the reggaeton player and many assure that his voice is not prodigious.

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Emmanuel announced his relationship with Yailin shortly after finishing with Karol G, which caused a huge stir and rumors of infidelity by the reggaeton singer to Nena de Medellín.

Despite the rumors, the former couple was quite discreet and did not talk about the situations that led them to make the final decision to separate. Meanwhile, it is said that Carol G could have a relationship with soccer player James Rodríguez.

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