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This Tuesday, March 8, the famous actress, Kate of the Castle became a topic of conversation on social networks after a famous entertainment magazine shared a couple of photos where she looks quite romantic with a mysterious heartthrob.

As you know, the daughter of Eric del Castillo She is considered one of the most recognized Mexican actresses in the world thanks to the fact that a large part of her career has been spent abroad collaborating in films such as “Under the same skin”, “La Reina del Sur” and “Ingobernable”.

Despite her great fame, Kate del Castillo has always preferred to keep her love life away from celebrity cameras, so the recent “leak” of the photos did not go unnoticed by anyone.

Kate del Castillo, is she dating for the first time?

In its publication this Tuesday, March 8, the magazine TVNotes He shared a couple of photos in which Kate del Castillo is seen to be quite loving with a man, which immediately caused speculation that he gave her a new chance at love.

According to the publication, a person close to the actress revealed that Kate del Castillo actually started a new romantic relationship with Edgar Bahena, a renowned director of photography.

The interviewee said that the protagonist of “Muchachitas” met her new beau during the recordings of the third season of “La Reina del Sur”, a production in which she has the main role as “Teresa Mendoza”.

However, despite the fact that they had known each other for months, Kate del Castillo made the decision to go out with Edgar after meeting again in the recordings of the fourth season of the narco-series

It seems the relationship between Kate of the Castle and the director of photography has been there for several months since the actress’s “friend” said that they enjoyed the recent Super Bowl together; In addition, they do not hide their relationship because they enjoy romantic dinners in front of everyone or at least that is how the interviewee confessed.

The actress would have started a courtship. Photo: TVNotes


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