Kate Winslet. Have you ever seen the daughter of the Titanic actress? She recites too


Kate Winslet. The extraordinary actress who became famous all over the world more than twenty years ago with the film “Titanic” is the mother of three children. One of them followed in his footsteps

Titanic – Instagram

Wednesday, October 12, the umpteenth passage of the film is again on Italian screens “Titanic”. The film, based on a tragedy that really happened and directed by the director James Cameron was released in 1997 and achieved such an extraordinary success that even today, after twenty-four years, it is not scratched. The colossal received fourteen Academy Award nominations and won eleven statuettes.

The film also has the merit of having brought the two leading actors to world attention. Leonardo Dicaprio he already had the reputation of being a new sex symbol for teenagers of the 90s. Kate Winslet she had already been nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars two years earlier for her performance in “Reason and sentiment”. They both then had an incredible career, they are two stars of immeasurable talent. Kate Winslet he passed on his skills to his daughter. Do you know who he is?

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Kate Winslet: We know her daughter. An actress like the famous mother

  Mia Threapleton Kate Winslet
Mia Threapleton – Photo from Instagram

The eldest daughter of Kate Winslet is called Mia Threapleton and followed in the footsteps of his famous mother. She was born in 2000 from the first marriage of the actress from “Titanic” with the director Jim Threapleton, met on the set of the film “Ideus Kinky – A train to Marrakech”.


The girl, like her mother, is very reserved; neither of them has a public social profile. Furthermore, My he did not want to exploit the famous surname of Winslet and chose to use his personal details also at work so as not to influence anyone at the time of the auditions.

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Her real big debut opportunity was offered to her by Italy. He is in fact the protagonist of the 2020 thriller film “Shadows”, directed by Carlo Lavagna, in which two sisters are protagonists (one played by Mia Threapleton) who live with their mother in an abandoned hotel surrounded by a forest. They are taught to go out only with the favor of darkness and not to cross the limits of the surrounding nature, all to keep them away from the reality of the surrounding world.

Kate Winslet and daughter
Kate Winslet and daughter – Photo from Instagram

Mia Threapleton he also has two half-siblings, sons of Winslet: Joe Alfie, born in 2003 from the marriage with the director Sem Mendes, And Bear, had from the third marriage with Edward Abel Smith, grandson of the patron of the Virgin Records Richard Branson.


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