Katy Perry doesn’t mind showing she doesn’t have a flat stomach

Katy Perry has always shown that she is not interested in being within the canons of beauty in which many women have been forced to be. She teaches us how she can be beautiful without being in the mold. For many an example of self-love and empowerment.

The singer’s followers were used to seeing her with a flat stomach, however, for some time now her belly stopped being flat because she became a mother and this fact left her with a few extra kilos. Several of her followers began to criticize her for this and for a couple of stretch marks that her pregnancy left her.

Without hesitation, Perry responded by saying that she had 5 extra kilos left but that she was not in a hurry and that she was enjoying her time as a mother. He also stressed that what interested him most was the happiness of her daughter and hers.

“It’s been a yearI am more interested in your happiness and my happiness and mental health,” Perry said. Similarly, she stressed that hormones in women is something very interesting.

In recent months, Katy Perry has shown that she is not interested in publishing her photos with filters or hiding her real body. And the truth is that the singer looks wonderful, she is beautiful in all aspects of her and her followers are clear about it. As always, there is no lack of haters who come out to criticize everything, but she has shown that she does not care.

Katy Perry has always broken the mold, in 2017 on the occasion of the launch of her work she decided to install 41 cameras to make us witness her day to day.

For four days, the 32-year-old singer was completely open and even natural in front of the cameras, dancing and singing the lyrics of her songs and sharing all kinds of information about her private life. The installation art premise (if we can call it that) is completely tied in with the title of her album- wanting his fans to be “witnesses” of his life.

It was recently learned that Perry turned down a role in the movie “Crossed Stories”, a successful film in 2011. The news perplexed his followers because it was a box office success.

Stars of the caliber of Emma Stone, Viola Davis, octavia spencer Y Bryce DallasHoward. It was also directed by Tate Taylor.

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