Keanu Reeves has unveiled his favorite Colbert action movie, sandwich and song – News

In May 2019, the appearance of Keanu Reeves to the The Late Show from Stephen Colbert went viral for her poignant response on what happens when we die (“I know those who love us will miss us”). Apparently, that answer directly inspired the creation of the “Colbert Questionert”, a 15-question strip to “penetrate the soul” of the show’s guests.

In the last episode of the broadcast (13 January) it was the turn of the star of Matrix Resurrections submit to the tight questionnaire of the presenter. Thinking carefully about every single question, Reeves revealed his favorite action movie, namely Roller Ball from 1975 (“A film I loved as a boy. There is violence, play and philosophy in it, but also profound social criticism. Fantastic!”), favorite toast, the crunchy ones with peanut butter and honey (“sweet and salty” ) and the desert island song par excellence, Love Will Tear Us Apart of the Joy Division.

The actor also admitted to being an accumulator and therefore not being able to choose between the objects he would throw into his life. As for pets, he expressed his predilection for dogs (“although lately I’m starting to love cats a lot too”), among oranges and apples he declared that he prefers the latter, while his favorite place on the plane is the one by the window, with spiders representing the scariest animals for him.

The most specific answer concerned his favorite smell (“Today, I’ll take my 1974 Norton Commando motorcycle and when I start the engine and heat the oil inside, the smell that comes out is really good”), while when asked if he had ever asked someone for an autograph he initially replied “Lou Reed”, Specifying that it was not for him but for a friend of his. The anecdote about it is also amusing George Carlin: «He wrote,“ Dear Keanu, Fuck You ”and I always thought he wrote it just for me. Later I met another person who told me he had received the same dedication ».

In the finale, Reeves optimistically described the rest of his life in five (technically six) words: “Cheers. Love. Friendship. Making art. Motorcycles ». Below is the streaming of the Questionert and the 2019 video that inspired Colbert’s strip.

Last December, Reeves returned to the big screen and streaming on HBO Max with the aforementioned Matrix Resurrections, fourth installment of the franchise created by the sisters Wachowski.

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