Kendall Jenner gets picked up because of how she cuts her cucumbers

Attention everyone, this is not a drill, Twitter thinks they have discovered the video which clearly proves that none of the Kardashian / Jenner family can cook. It involves Kendall Jenner. And a cucumber.

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After Khloé Kardashian’s huge, well-organized pantry that sparked passions a few months ago, another video involving a member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan and something to do with cooking has just exploded the Internet.

Yes, Khloé’s huge cupboard that makes us feel like we’re walking into an IGA, filled with everything you can dream of snacking on and whatever ingredients you can imagine cooking with Khloé had made us dream (or laugh ). But like just about everything else in the life of a reality TV star, it’s all about looks.

Kendall Jenner comes to prove beyond any doubt that the Jenners have clearly never cooked in their lives. The poor 26-year-old model got picked up on Twitter after a video of her cutting a cucumber surfaced. We still can’t believe our eyes.

See for yourself.

What’s happening?

Here are some reactions from people who really can’t believe it on Twitter:

It’s all well and good to be rich and famous, but you can look a little silly pretty much anytime.

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