Kendall Jenner posts an incredible topless pose

          For one reason or another, the Kardashians become news every week and every week too. In recent days, there has been talk about Kourtney Kardashian’s change of ‘look’ to blonde, criticism of her for some curious photos in the bathroom and the viral photo of Kim and Pilar Rubio. Now, the most common thing is that they arouse everyone’s attention for their spectacular poses that bring out their sexiest side.

          If Khlo√© and Kim broke Instagram with their posed together on the beach and Kourtney made an impact with the sexiest corset we’ve ever seen, this time We need to talk about Kendall’s posing. In her ‘feed’, the model usually intersperses poses from her personal life with the photo sessions she stars in for different fashion firms. Precisely one of these latest campaigns has broken the social network, and when you see it you will understand why.

          The publication in question consists of four images for the FWRD firm, although without a doubt the most impressive is the last. It is a snapshot in which Kendall She poses with her back to her in low-rise jeans., a garment that leaves her buttocks slightly visible. At the top, he has absolutely nothing. Yes, Jenner has marked an incredible (and artistic) ‘topless’ that has conquered the social network.

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          We are not wrong if we say that this campaign is, without a doubt, one of the most ‘sexiest’ that the model has starred in. In the same photo session for the brand, the Kardashian left little to the imagination of her with a transparent dress. What will be next? We will be very attentive to her Instagram profile, in case she surprises us with new ‘hot’ snapshots… or she reveals to us at what point is her relationship with Bad Bunny.

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