Khloe Kardashian asked fans to cheat after spotting ‘fake’ details in sultry new Instagram photos

KHLOE Kardashian has been called out for deceiving fans.

They spotted a ‘fake’ detail in her sultry new Instagram snaps that ‘didn’t match’.

But fans noticed a


Khloe, 38, pouted for the camera on Instagram as she sat on a sofa on Friday.

She captioned her three snaps: “It was a super glamorous day. »

The slimmed-down Kardashian star looked all made up and stunning in a skintight nude top, although some fans worried about her as she lost 60 pounds in four years.

But that wasn’t the issue in his new shots — it was an issue of authenticity.

Khloe shows off her razor-sharp red fingernails after being called a

Khloe criticized for a message

Khloe stepped out in street snaps yesterday debuting new brown hair.

Dressed in a tight dark catsuit, she had her newly dyed hair in a bun – it was decidedly dark brown.

She attended her sister Kendall Jenner’s party for her tequila brand 818, waving to fans as she strutted through Soho House in Malibu.

So fans under her post on Friday were curious to know which “glam day” she was referring to; it couldn’t be today, they concluded.

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One of them commented under the new images: “I know you are brunette now koko!!! post pics »

Another agreed that the context was extremely hazy: “There are pictures of her from Kendall’s event last night and her hair is brown. But she posts old photos. »

A third wrote cruelly: “Show us your son.


Khloe is regularly hit for heavily filtering her photos and over-manicuring her Instagram.

Earlier this year, the accidentally ‘curved’ mirror in a selfie didn’t go unnoticed.

A month earlier, fans accused Khloe of photographing her hands after claiming her fingers looked “awfully” long.

Her fingernails themselves have now become an issue too since the mum-of-two won’t cut them, it seems.

Sister Kim is also regularly criticized for photoshopping even her own children, which she admitted to doing for her “Instagram aesthetic”.

A Redditor ripped earlier: “No one ever knows what’s going on with Khloe’s face. »


Khloe shares daughter True, four, with cheating ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson, 31.

The former couple recently welcomed their second baby together via surrogate.

Khloe has yet to share a photo of her new arrival.

Some fans believe her drastic weight loss and rebranding are linked to her heartache from Tristan.

Earlier this summer, fans described Khloe’s thigh as “thinner than her neck” when she posed in a figure-hugging pink dress for her 38th birthday celebrations.

The TV star, who also recently admitted to getting a nose job done by ABC, has been training vigorously amid her personal turmoil.

The NBA star recently revealed he secretly fathered a son with his mistress, fitness model Maralee Nichols, 31.


After a month of speculation, Tristan confirmed he was the father of her son Theo and issued a public apology to Khloe.

The athlete wrote on social media: “Today paternity test results revealed that I fathered a child with Maralee Nichols.

“I take full responsibility for my actions. Now that paternity is established, I was eager to raise our son amicably.

“I sincerely apologize to anyone I have hurt or disappointed throughout this ordeal, both in public and in private. »

He then turned his attention directly to his ex, writing, “Khloe you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve the heartbreak and humiliation I caused you. »

Tristan admitted to meeting Maralee for sex on several occasions while dating Khloe exclusively.

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Tristan is also the father of a son Prince, five, with his ex Jordan Craig.

He now has four children with three different women.

Khloe wrote


But fans have been misled ever since she dyed her hair - one commented:


The now mum-of-two looked thinner than ever, which is also a concern


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